Session 1664

“Exploring Beliefs About Power with Deer Imagery”
“Surgery or Energy Manipulation: They Are Merely Different Methods”

Friday, November 19, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah)

(Elias’ arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

DARYL: Bon jour, mon ami.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Bon jour!

DARYL: So, first off, you talked to Nanaiis last weekend. Some of us found out that we’re in a family called the Langhorne sisters.


DARYL: The five of us have been trying to figure out who’s who. We’ve had difficulty getting impressions and really feeling us in each of the sisters. I’m going to ask you about my impressions about it. We wondered if we just created those sisters, or if there’s some other reason why there seems to be less separation and the ability to figure out who’s who.

ELIAS: That is associated with what you would term to be the closeness of those individuals.

DARYL: So there is less separation between them, in a sense?


DARYL: I’ll give you my impressions and see if I got any of them. I think that Lizzie is a focus of Ashrah.


DARYL: Irene, a focus of Melody?


DARYL: Nancy, a focus of Oona?


DARYL: Nora, a focus of Sandel?


DARYL: Is Phyllis a focus of Myranda?


DARYL: So then Irene would be a focus of Sandel?


DARYL: And Nora is a focus of Melody.


DARYL: Well, I got three out of five! (Elias laughs) Everybody will be very happy to find out who’s who on this. Is there any other comment you’d like to make about that group of individuals?

ELIAS: You may investigate.

DARYL: Imagine you saying that! (Elias laughs)

I have some questions for some other people. The first one is from (inaudible), and he wonders if he temporarily switched his orientation from common to intermediate.

ELIAS: No, but was allowing himself to explore that type of perception but did not actually alter his orientation.

DARYL: For Sandel, I wanted to know if Mary Coffin Ware Dennett is a focus of Sandel.

ELIAS: Counterpart.

DARYL: Is Emile Zola a focus of Sandel?

ELIAS: Observing.

DARYL: Is that partial or lifetime?

ELIAS: Partial.

DARYL: Is that adult, then?


DARYL: Is Lucille an observing essence of George Sand?

ELIAS: Partial.

DARYL: Does she have any focuses that know George?

ELIAS: One, quite briefly.

DARYL: I wanted to know if (inaudible) has a future focus named Erin.


DARYL: Is he at the Alterversity in the 22nd century?


DARYL: Does she have another future focus named Felipe?


DARYL: Would he happen to be in the City?


DARYL: Her focus name seems very familiar to me when I first heard it, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I have a couple of ideas, one of which was that perhaps I have a new future focus or even a past focus who has the first or last name of Dodge.

ELIAS: Both.

DARYL: I have a first name Dodge and a last name Dodge?

ELIAS: Both future and past.

DARYL: Was it the last name in both cases?


DARYL: Has the future one got the first name?


DARYL: Is that one 28th century?

ELIAS: Twenty-seventh.

DARYL: Is there any other reason why her name seems familiar to me?

ELIAS: You also incorporate another focus with that individual in which that individual incorporates that name and you share a strong friendship with that individual.

DARYL: So when I see her being called that name now, it’s resonating with that other...


DARYL: That’s interesting, because the name really jumped out at me.

I wanted to know if I’m observing essence of Antonio Porcia.


DARYL: And is that partial?


DARYL: Am I observing Jean George, the author?


DARYL: And that’s also partial?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: And Jerry Seinfeld?

ELIAS: Counterpart.

DARYL: Another name that was drawn to my attention was Eads, E-A-D-S. I wonder if I observe George Eads.


DARYL: Is that also partial?


DARYL: Also with that, I was wondering if I now have a future focus with the last name of Eads.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Is her first name Virginia?


DARYL: Is she 25th century?


DARYL: When I include Dodge and Virginia, I get focus numbers between 125 and 132 focuses. Do I have about 125 right now?


DARYL: I guess ever since Myranda did that thing with adding 2000, I’ve kind of been examining my beliefs in that area. I feel like I want to keep it small and not do something like that. Would you be in agreement with that?

ELIAS: That would be your choice, yes.

DARYL: I had some dream activities that were similar to a dream that I had before about aspects of me that I don’t like and I’m yelling at them to get out. Then my attention went to a serial killer named Charles Ng, and I was feeling a really strong dislike for him. At that time I wondered if I was an observing essence of perhaps a victim of his or a parent. Since it had a strong emotional quality, I also wondered if I was picking up on something of Oona’s.

Then I had a dream about an individual who was very dedicated to taking down all of his inhibitions and kind of fostering evil within himself, and at the same time it seemed like an opposite action of another individual who was kind of dedicated to what we consider good, more like a police individual. I also got a phrase associated with that: “ride the wild pony.”

It seems to me that this all happens in a close space of time, and I was trying to figure out, because I think there is a relationship, whether it was kind of an exploration of the concept of duplicity, of being good and bad, or if there is an actual connection with Charles Ng.

ELIAS: These are two subjects. Yes, there is a connection between you and that individual as a family member of a victim. And the other, your impression is correct that this is imagery concerning an exploration of what you deem to be good and bad within you in this focus.

DARYL: What is with the “ride the wild pony”? Does that have any significance?

ELIAS: Yes, for it concerns, in a manner of speaking, engaging risk and allowing yourself to dare.

DARYL: And that is scary, too. I know I’ve been going through stuff about power.


DARYL: In terms of Charles Ng, do I observe a family member of a victim or was that a focus?

ELIAS: That is a focus.

DARYL: Is it one that has disengaged? As far as I know, I have accounted for my focuses.

ELIAS: This would be what you would term to be an overlapping focus.

DARYL: There was couple with a kid, called the Dubs family. Would it be them?


DARYL: So I was related to one of those?


DARYL: Wow. No wonder I don’t like him, then. (Elias laughs) I seem to have a serial killer thing from all aspects — perpetrator, observing and family member of victims. I guess I need to find an actual victim myself, then I’ll have all the...

ELIAS: All of the puzzle pieces! (Humorously) And then you may create your dark puzzle.

DARYL: (Laughs) I had another dream, and I really think that this has to do with other dimensions, that it was a translation of that. I was visiting a house and I had what seemed to be a host family, they were hosting me there, but I spent most of my time in one room that I guess was my bedroom. Even though there was furniture in the room, I spent most of the time on the floor, and my bird was with me, which seems to have to do perhaps with beliefs and also with familiarity. There was a device in the room that was kind of a small square thing that had pipes. I used it repeatedly to what seemed to be taking a shower, except that there was never any water getting on the carpet even though I was directly on the carpet. So was that other dimensional?


DARYL: I gather it’s not a dimension I am objectively aware of?

ELIAS: Correct, and these are also translations, as you are aware.

DARYL: I have no idea what that was translating, I’ll tell you! (Both laugh)

So if I have a dream where I have a host family, which is a term we use like if you are visiting another country or something, then it’s usually going to be an other-dimensional dream?

ELIAS: With YOU, yes.

DARYL: Does the family represent actual individuals or someone that I’m contacting in the other dimensions?


DARYL: I like that imagery, because it gets clear pretty quickly what’s going on. (Elias chuckles) My bird, was she serving the dual purpose of beliefs and familiarity?


DARYL: I had a friend ask during a Kris session about my families, because I belong Sumafi and I align Tumold, and I was curious about what the secondary and tertiary ones were, because he does that. I was basically thinking that I had Vold as a strong component somewhere, and I wanted to see what he said. What he gave me was a different belonging and a different alignment, and I’m confused about what’s going on there. He said I belong Gramada-Zuli-Sumari and that I align Sumafi-Vold-Tumold. Basically I’d like your assistance in making sense out of that since they don’t match up and I feel myself to be Sumafi/Tumold. My history fits with that.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

DARYL: My only impression is that the only thing that seems Gramada-like about me is my initiation of Shift Assist. But other than that, I don’t relate to the Gramada belonging at all and I really don’t understand where it comes from.

ELIAS: Let me offer you two elements of explanation. One is a partial element of distortion, and two is an identification of qualities that in a moment you were expressing.

DARYL: The moment that he was being asked?

ELIAS: Yes — not an accurate expression of belonging to or aligning with, but an expression of identifying different qualities that within that time you were expressing all of. Which once again I may express to you, as I have to other individuals, you ALL incorporate qualities of ALL of the essence families. You may express different qualities in any moment AND you may be expressing any different combinations of qualities in any moment. That does not alter the family that you are belonging to or that which you are aligning with. It may merely be an expression of what you may be exploring in any particular time framework and what qualities of what families may be beneficial in facilitating that exploration or movement. The distortion is associated with the identification of belonging to and aligning with.

DARYL: When I thought about it, Zuli fits with what I do with physical manifestations, since I do a lot of those.


DARYL: I just wanted to understand that, and I guess to verify that I really am still Sumafi/Tumold.

ELIAS: Yes, you are. (Laughs)

DARYL: Shook me up there! It is a while since my last session, and one of the things I did was I had jury duty, which I created as a way to express myself in a new way, which I thought was kinda fun after I stopped being mad about having to go down there. That’s another venue for that.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that at times when I’m creating something I’m not especially fond of, I’m having what I would describe more as pleasant emotions. I was wondering if that’s indicating that I have less influence of my beliefs about what’s good and bad, that I’m being a little more accepting of my creations.

ELIAS: Yes, and also allowing yourself to be more appreciative of yourself and different expressions, less judgmental and therefore generating more of a gentleness.

DARYL: That’s good, in a word.

ELIAS: I would be in agreement, for I am aware of the challenge that has been expressed with you in generating gentleness with yourself. (Laughs)

DARYL: I wanted to talk to you some about the energy block. Things have kind of changed a fair amount in the last week, because when I didn’t have my session as scheduled, you showed up, and as I understand it, we did something with the two parts I talked to you about last time that have been hidden away. I’d been wondering what was going on with them, but then I felt contact with you, especially with the part that has been very unwilling to be in contact with anyone. Is that accurate?


DARYL: There’s been stuff going on in that area, and I was wondering basically why that wasn’t resolving, since I knew that I was down to not much of it left. I guess now, if I just wait, this will naturally unfold and the rest will dismantle.

ELIAS: Yes. This concerns allowance.

DARYL: I also felt that part of what was going on was my fear of power stuff, because when I let go of the energy blocks, I start feeling powerful. I had one episode where I felt powerful, and I immediately translated that as being hard and cold, and that was bad. Then I immediately gave up the power and I went back to my familiar victim stuff.

ELIAS: But in increments you may allow yourself to be exploring your power and not overwhelming yourself and not retreating to the victim role.

DARYL: In terms of influences of beliefs — because that phrase keeps coming up and you’ve explored that with some people — can you give me an example, perhaps in terms of victim and power, of where I could see a belief and then choose a specific different influence? Do you know what I mean? You’ve done that with people, and I found that helpful.

ELIAS: I am aware of what you are expressing. You offer to myself an example of your experience in association with power, and we may explore that.

DARYL: Well, I guess maybe the thing I just said, where when I felt powerful, when I felt strong within myself, that seemed cold and hard and that that would translate into being cruel to other people, that power means that I would be nasty.

ELIAS: And what was the scenario?

DARYL: There wasn’t really a scenario. I was just sitting here, and as soon as I felt the power, I felt... I don’t know that it was even cold; I wasn’t feeling victimy. (Laughs) That seemed cold and hard, and then I felt like I don’t trust myself to not be nasty to people if I feel powerful. I don’t know why that would be.

ELIAS: For that is an automatic translation of opposites. You have become quite familiar with the victim aspect, and how you translate that is somewhat in association with other manifestations, not merely yourself. Any manifestation that you assess to incorporate a vulnerability translates as a weakness, but within your assessment a weakness is not always bad. Within your association with this subject, any manifestation that may fall prey to any other manifestation is viewed as vulnerable and weaker. But your perception and your association with those terms and those ideas is that that presents more of a gentleness, therefore is more attractive, and therefore also is nonthreatening, and therefore translates with you as actually being good.

Now; in a moment that you may be experiencing some element of your power in these increments — merely in not experiencing the feeling of a victim but devoid of that, therefore experiencing some element of your power — your automatic response is that it is harsh and cold, for the automatic response of the weak or the vulnerable is warm and gentle.

Allow yourself to generate an association with your deer. This may be quite helpful to you in offering you a physical example of both. For you view in these creatures that they are vulnerable and they do incorporate the potential to fall prey to other manifestations. Therefore, they fit your association with victim, which incorporates the vulnerable and weaker aspects of a manifestation. But also remember, you generate a translation of that to be warm and gentle. Therefore, you view your deer to be warm and gentle, weak and vulnerable, and potential victim — but also recognize that they incorporate tremendous strength.

Now; that strength is not necessarily incorporated in the usage in a manner to be hurtful or destructive. But in that power that they naturally express, rather than the coldness and the harshness, as you view these creatures what do you see?

DARYL: I see beauty in them.

ELIAS: Correct — the beauty of that power, the magnificence of the expression or the holding of that power, and expressing it in majesty.

DARYL: I like that.

ELIAS: Therefore, your creatures that you incorporate such a fascination with may be an example to you of vulnerability, warmth, and also strength and majesty. And did you not witness this?

DARYL: Yes, I did!

ELIAS: I am aware.

DARYL: It was so amazing to me that I created that. It felt like a real gift to myself.

ELIAS: And so it was.

DARYL: When you started talking about this, I felt like that was connected.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And there are no accidents!

DARYL: That was the day I was going to have my session last week, too.

ELIAS: And no coincidences! (Laughs)

DARYL: Wow. We really do create in a magnificent way.

ELIAS: Quite. And the message was offered, regardless of whether it was expressed in verbal language or not. Remember the majesty.

DARYL: And the cooperation of the creatures, too.

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, the automatic association of power, that it is destructive and cruel and harsh and cold, may be exchanged for a different influence of that belief, which is the beauty, the magnificence and the majesty of the power.

DARYL: Wow. Also it was kind of perfect that it was two males that were doing that since I have beliefs about males, in particular about power.

ELIAS: Correct, and that gender expresses greater power.

DARYL: And less affection.

ELIAS: Correct, and automatically exhibits its strength. That is a automatic response. But it may also express its magnificence in its strength. Also, examine closely even the physical structure — the heaviness of the bodies, the thickness of the creature, the weight of the antlers, which is all supported in the delicacy of the legs. Therefore, the delicate and the vulnerable and the soft supports the strength and the power.

DARYL: I also want to talk to you about the lump. What’s been going on with that? The last session you talked to me about medical beliefs, and since the last session there’s been some changes in it where it seems to be going through a slow but natural process where it’s going to eventually come to a head and dissolve. I’ve been taking care of it myself and acted within my beliefs to get stuff to treat that should that happen, like in terms of antibiotic cream, stuff like that.

I also had the impression a while back that it was connected with the election. I thought maybe something would change with that, but nothing really changed then. Was there a connection with the election?

ELIAS: In association with extremes.

DARYL: That’s what I thought. Also, this isn’t so much happening now, but I also felt like my energy was very thick and trapped. It was kind of bouncing off something and couldn’t get out within the energy block, and I felt that was being reflected.


DARYL: There are a couple of things I’m not sure about. Now there is something going on with my nipple. It seems connected but it’s not physically identical, and I wondered if, for one thing, it had to do with, within medical beliefs, of reaching menopause and not having had children.


DARYL: Is that the main message there?


DARYL: I’ve also got a lot of hypersensitivity that goes on all the time, where it’s hard to have anything touch, like a shirt or anything. I also sometimes have pains that come, just briefly usually. I’m confused about that, except in terms of the hypersensitivity. I know I have beliefs that I am over sensitive.

ELIAS: That is partially associated with it, but it is also associated with changing stages, which you have expressed previously, in association with age and different stages that you move into physically, and choices that have been expressed previously in association with not incorporating children, and your beliefs in regard to physical manifestations or affectingnesses that may occur as...

DARYL: In relation to age?


DARYL: When I’m having the pains, is there something I’m doing at that particular moment? I’ve tried to figure out...

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This would be more associated with an on-going expression of your beliefs concerning age and moving in this expression of menopause.

DARYL: I didn’t think I was having that big a deal on the menopause thing.

ELIAS: It is not necessarily what you would term to be a significant issue or what you may associate as creating tremendous difficulty with yourself in relation to this expression, but merely incorporating different symptoms, so to speak.

DARYL: In terms of medical beliefs, I have been examining my beliefs in terms of — since I have a medical background — anatomy, physiology, pathology and treatment. I guess I don’t know where else to go, beyond what I’ve done in terms of that. Have I had movement in terms of my medical beliefs?

ELIAS: Some, yes. But you do continue to incorporate a negative association.

DARYL: With what? With Western medicine?


DARYL: In a case like that, again, with the influences of beliefs, say I think that Western medicine is wrong, like for instance I know an area I have trouble with is surgery. How would I choose a different influence of a belief surrounding that?

ELIAS: What is the influence that you recognize?

DARYL: Well, within medicine there’s kind of a controversy over medicine versus surgery. I just think that the body a lot of times has a natural way of taking care of things, and it’s better to let the body do it naturally than to go in there and cut things out.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but...

DARYL: I also hold the belief that that is the way to do things. I know I had a very strong belief in medicine, and I know I have conflict in that area. It’s like I was totally into it, and then I kind of reversed course, or partly reversed course.

ELIAS: I am understanding. In this, intellectually you understand that your physical body incorporates the ability to be generating what you term to be health and to be moving in a direction of sustaining itself naturally and efficiently. But that also incorporates what we have discussed previously in that expression of separating your physical body from that element that is the essential you.

In that, although you incorporate intellectually the understanding that you can manipulate energy and that it is not necessary to be incorporating other methods, you do not necessarily understand that experientially. Therefore, you do not necessarily create that. For YOU are directing the body consciousness; it is not creating manifestations exclusively itself. You are directing it and instructing it. It is creating what YOU are expressing to it to create or to not create.

Now; in association with medical beliefs and the influence of the belief that expresses to you that surgery is inefficient or is unnecessary and therefore is deemed to be bad, you may also examine another influence which recognizes that an action such as surgery is merely another choice of your method. WHATEVER you do is your method to be altering a particular manifestation physically. Therefore, if you are generating that action of alteration of a manifestation such as, as an example, this lump, the alteration is to remove it. If you remove it in energy, you are generating essentially the same action as removing it with surgery.

DARYL: Okay, but I think that one is better than the other.

ELIAS: Correct, and that is worthy of evaluation, for they are merely different methods. In either method, you are generating what you term to be some type of trauma with your physical body consciousness. In one, you are generating the trauma with your physical body consciousness in continuing to express the manifestation. In the other, you are merely expressing a momentary trauma. But in either direction, the outcome that is desired is to eliminate it.

Now; this is not imagery associated with eliminating beliefs. This is concerning a manifestation, one that you have explored, one that you do not necessarily want to continue — or perhaps for a time framework you do. But you lean more in the direction of not wanting to continue it. Therefore, you wish to generate an alteration, and the outcome of that alteration is to eliminate the physical manifestation. (Pause) I am not advocating either method, as you are aware. I am merely expressing to you explanation of what you are addressing to.

DARYL: I am also getting recently that this specific thing is tied in with an exploration where I’m practicing moving my attention, but I am also becoming objectively aware of my choosing aspect in it and being conscious of choosing something at the moment I’m choosing it.


DARYL: Part of the function of the lump is to really become aware of my choice to have it and then perhaps at some point to choose to no longer have it.

ELIAS: Correct, and I am in agreement with you in your assessment. This is the reason that I have expressed that you have not quite moved into the decision yet of not creating it, or un-creating it in your terms, for it continues to serve a purpose.

DARYL: I did want to talk to you about the choosing aspect for a few moments. I have allowed myself to actually feel myself choosing, and this morning while I was waiting for the session, I was feeling that again. When I allow myself to be aware of that, it is very empowering...

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: ...and it goes back to our discussion about power. There’s also what I would describe as sort of a sweetness, even if I’m aware of choosing something that I don’t necessarily like in conventional terms. I feel like, in that sense, I’m beginning to get to know me on a different level and to kind of allow myself to begin to embrace more of me.

ELIAS: Yes, and this is the point. Experiencing even in, as you have stated, manifestations or expressions that you do not necessarily like, the awareness that you actually are engaging these choices and the genuine knowing of your own power to actually generate these choices and actually create is quite satisfying and reinforcing. It also generates an element of appreciation, which also is helpful in dissipating the fear of the power.

DARYL: It feels like a very big step to me that I’m going through. I know that I’ve had a tendency, and I think other people have, to try to put the choosing aspect as something that is out of our control. It’s a big thing to kind of allow it and feel it and take responsibility for it, instead of going, “I didn’t do that.”

ELIAS: Correct. That is quite empowering and liberating, also.

DARYL: Do you have anything that you’d like to say regarding that area? It’s new for me, the actual feeling of this and sensing it.

ELIAS: Remember your deer, and do not overwhelm yourself. It is unnecessary to push. Generate the direction that you have been in allowance.

DARYL: That’s the other thing is that I feel like it’s really building my trust in myself.


DARYL: Everything is making more sense and feeling, I don’t know, different. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Gentleness and power are not in opposition to each other but supportive of each other.

DARYL: I have kind of a strange little question for the end. I had an incident a while back where I almost fell in a way that I could have broken my neck or something, and I just became curious. You talk about individuals disengaging, not realizing that they’ve disengaged, and continuing to create an objective reality. I wondered in those cases how those individuals perceive their disengagement. If I had fallen and broken my neck, and I didn’t realize that I was dead, would I have just perceived that I didn’t break my neck and gotten up and gone on? Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Yes. With a slight interruption. There may appear to be a slight interruption which you would not necessarily pay attention to. For example, you may have fallen, generated the break of your neck, chosen death, and a moment later you may perceive yourself to be in another location and not necessarily incorporate a memory of that occurrence. You may incorporate a partial memory of falling but with no subsequent action and an interruption of motion in which you appear in another location, but it seems to you to be quite natural.

(Humorously) And I may assure you Ashrah, you have not chosen death, and you have not broken your neck.

DARYL: I did figure that out. It’s just brought up the question of what that would be like for an individual. But now I know if that does happen to me and I have a little gap, I’ll start being suspicious.

ELIAS: (Laughs) If you notice!

DARYL: I don’t want to disengage now! Things are just beginning to get easier for me.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Congratulations!

DARYL: We’re out of time. I’m gonna have to let you go objectively.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

DARYL: And myself also. I’m sure I’ll be talking to you a lot in between.

ELIAS: And I am agreed. (Chuckles) I express my affection to you as always and great encouragement in your movement, for you are generating success. To you as always, my dear friend, in fondness and in great appreciation, au revoir.

DARYL: Au revoir.

Elias departs 1 hour, 1 minute.

(1) “Shift Assist” is a Yahoo email chat group that Daryl started based on her shift-assist concept, which is explained on the home page of that group at .