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SuicideSumafiSumariSupportivenessSweala and Grelko
Session 1037an actual experience, briefly, of a lack of separation
Session 1067I keep dreaming about erasing borders
Session 1069How can one be significant?
Session 1091attempting to offer yourselves evidence of the lack of separation
Session 1176there is no insignificant expression of consciousness
Session 1203piercing through the beliefs of separation
Session 1209the intensity with which that disconnect is growing and growing
Session 1222viewing all of your reality with a genuine expression of no separation
Session 1278lack of separation in the collective energy
Session 1357there is the whole and different directions and perceptions of the whole
Session 1400dropping the veils of separation
Session 1404imagery for that expression of a lack of separation
Session 152recognizing the direction within cooperation
Session 1602an experience of no separation
Session 1630What is the nature of veils?
Session 1641different influences of the belief of separation
Session 1709thinning veils of separation
Session 1725a knowing of actually never being alone
Session 1771You view yourself to be different and separated from your chair, correct?
Session 2152it allows you to hold to your identity
Session 2956a FEELING of isolation
Session 320oneness - a new type of separation
Session 364connection between duplicity and separation?
Session 400in actuality, there is no separation
Session 484and reunion
Session 494of objective and subjective consciousness in beliefs
Session 689the illusion of separation
Session 701lack of separation
Session 758consciousness and essence
Session 779viewing yourself as separated
Session 835participation in interaction
Session 909recognizing the actual lack of separation
Session 939no separation: recognition that all is a generation of you
Session 970experiencing the lack of separation of essences
Session 982I want to have a family - there is no separation