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DreamDream WalkersDualityDuplicity
Session 1002more fun in expressing intimacy with another than with yourself
Session 101benefit
Session 1029in the expression of comparison you begin incorporating duplicity
Session 1058expressing preferences but also discontinuing generating judgment
Session 1125lessening the expression of comparison
Session 1213offering yourself a genuine recognition of how this hinders your movement
Session 1242I feel that I am making reasonably good progress
Session 1262it is unnecessary to instruct other individuals
Session 1402generating pleasure and not necessarily be deeming it to be good or bad
Session 154joyfulness?
Session 156Why do bad things happen to good people?
Session 1605duplicity is highly individualized
Session 168extremly deep-set mass belief system
Session 171responsability
Session 1742you are too concerned with the right and wrong to begin with
Session 207ghost aspects
Session 219attempting to improve
Session 234belief system of duplicity underlies all
Session 239camouflage
Session 251eradicating duplicity
Session 253fear
Session 257Session 257: Duplicity/Acceptance
Session 284most effecting belief system
Session 291vs. duality
Session 294camouflage
Session 2956You will generate judgments; it is a part of your reality.
Session 3It’s hard to understand why such bad things happen.
Session 303the next step in accepting beliefs
Session 307not recalling all of essence
Session 319the most effecting belief system
Session 328Session 328: The Belief System of Duplicity
Session 339duplicity and relationships
Session 359and mathematics
Session 364connection between duplicity and separation?
Session 365and separation
Session 370good and bad are quite within working order
Session 374addressing to the belief system
Session 392beneficial - efficient
Session 451phobia
Session 472the magic cage of duplicity
Session 475thought and emotion differ
Session 483unfamiliarity with the lack of duplicity
Session 502a base element of your reality
Session 514Positve as judgement
Session 608wave in consciousness: duplicity
Session 610comparisons
Session 615moving away from a belief
Session 619present wave in consciousness: duplicity
Session 644you complicate your reality
Session 659impossibility becomes possible
Session 662kindness - a very large aspect of duplicity
Session 722victim of accident
Session 724role of victim
Session 726wave in consciousness: duplicity
Session 74unexpressed is the same as expressed
Session 752duplicity is foundational to your reality
Session 769non-judgmental seems just plain boring
Session 808good is a judgment
Session 819blocking your expression, eliminating your choices
Session 858cats: Bad Duplicity and Good Duplicity
Session 871in defining an expression as good, you view another expression to not
Session 874duplicity and thought
Session 90always more positive elements
Session 910exploring the concept of evil
Session 917good and bad: Who is the terrorist?
Session 94World War 2
Session 95negative requires much more effort
Session 975duplicity is an organizational belief system
Session 99unacceptable
Session 99but