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Session 1007grief is identifying to you the strength of separation
Session 1008information concerning death and the beliefs associated with it
Session 1018interaction with energy deposits
Session 1029fascination with piercing this veil of death
Session 1040there are many associations with beliefs as to how you shall disengage
Session 1056death: attention does not cease
Session 1059translating an expression of a lack of emotion
Session 1059telling myself that it was just part of the grief
Session 1109individuals that have disengaged do not attempt to contact
Session 1163interacting with individuals expressing their wish to be disengaging
Session 1193talking through a channel to her dead husband
Session 1226I still hold the ability to have a relationship with them
Session 1262is there a probable self that’s created that does disengage?
Session 1332you would begin to notice that there would be a lack of surprise
Session 1337thrusting their awareness outside of the body consciousness
Session 1343I’ve been very much wanting to disengage
Session 1355not quite a viewing, but rather a knowing of all of the experiences
Session 1383why does she get to go home and I have to stay here?
Session 1428how can I prove to myself that I have not disengaged?
Session 1449what if you are dead and you don’t know it?
Session 1454interaction with the individual’s energy expression
Session 1461interacting with the actual energy of the individual that has disengaged
Session 1477he is not entirely aware yet that he has chosen death
Session 1485toying with the direction of disengagement
Session 1502it is the choice of the individual when they shall disengage
Session 1506wishing to disengage
Session 1528at the actual moment of the choice it is one of the easiest actions
Session 1531loss is one of the most difficult experiences for most individuals
Session 1535fears concerning disengagement
Session 1556the uniqueness and the identity of each attention is not lost
Session 1598he perceives that he is interactive with you
Session 1603the comfort of expressing to yourself that you exhausted all possibilities
Session 1641grief: what occurs is the individual generates a denial of themselves
Session 1657death imagery
Session 1667thinning these veils of separation
Session 1668connecting with energy projections of individuals that have disengaged
Session 1678being interactive with individuals that are continuing within physical focus
Session 1690expressing energy to other individuals that have disengaged
Session 1697dream interaction with a disengaged friend
Session 1709value fulfillment is not the ONLY reason for an individual to be disengaging
Session 1733am I creating possibly disengaging in the near future through the lump?
Session 1733I feel more harmony in that direction.
Session 1739they can view and even interact with individuals within physical focus
Session 1746my father is really afraid of dying.
Session 1748It is YOUR choice.
Session 1758acknowledgment of their experience
Session 1763generating some action to physically intentionally disengage
Session 1789be aware of the presence of his energy through the responses of creatures
Session 1815directing her awareness to other experiences
Session 1831it would be more accurate to express that the individual merely blinks
Session 1844disengaging as an expression of supportiveness
Session 1917you are actually holding yourself in continuing in this physical reality
Session 1946connecting with Margot
Session 2570
Session 259own issues and challenges may be objectively surfacing
Session 2658assimilating all of the information from the body consciousness
Session 268communication in non-physical transition via energy deposit
Session 2738… is there anything she wants to tell me?
Session 882emergence/birth
Session 950accepting a loved one's choice to disengage
Session 971communicating with the disengaged
Session 977you choose in the moment.
Session 988there are strongly expressed beliefs in relation to disengaging