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Alphabetical Index

SleepSoulSoul mateSource eventSpace
SpiritualitySplinterSpontaneityStone circlesStrange feelings
SuicideSumafiSumariSupportivenessSweala and Grelko
Session 100differences
Session 1035understanding of the function of sexuality
Session 1066masturbation
Session 1157intimacy is an expression of knowing, trusting and accepting of yourself
Session 1497incorporating sexual activity without the committed relationship
Session 1583The entering essence is what generates conception
Session 1626sexual activity of an intermediate and a soft individual may be challenging
Session 1648it is not actually a sexual energy that attracts you
Session 171gender
Session 171unusual sex habits
Session 1767sexual activity as a camouflaged substitute
Session 179selecting sex before birth
Session 2220feelings of guilt in relation to sexual matters
Session 255Session 255: The Sex Session
Session 256housework
Session 272love
Session 308as symbol and focal point
Session 3087infertility
Session 313to experience sexual orientation not sex
Session 321incorporation of consciousness
Session 326sexual orientation
Session 355two genders and three orientations
Session 361genders and orientations
Session 362choices of sexual expression, gender and orientation
Session 367wave in consciousness
Session 369left side - thought / right side - emotion
Session 370base element of your physical creation
Session 371belief system of sexuality
Session 376heart imagery
Session 377three orientations: soft, intermediate
Session 378How do you define sexuality?
Session 379definitions: common, intermediate
Session 381What is sexuality?
Session 382appearance
Session 414intimacy
Session 451menopause
Session 466blurring the separation of gender
Session 475wave in consciousness
Session 479preference for a specific gender
Session 489monogamy
Session 522sexual intimacy
Session 524desire for intimacy
Session 542conflicting beliefs
Session 569and creativity
Session 589secret: guilt
Session 647exploring sexual pleasure
Session 653exploring singular intimacy
Session 656exploring sexual preference
Session 677sexual preference
Session 704purpose
Session 713blinking in and out during sex
Session 800function is manifestation of physical reality
Session 816abuse
Session 817an immense web of beliefs
Session 822hesitation
Session 888you almost associate this gender as another species
Session 937complying with the mass beliefs
Session 942fear in association with own abilities and power
Session 976you're not doing what you want to do, why aren't you?
Session 982transcending the physical expression into a mergence of essences