Session 1573

“Exercise: How Often Do You Pay Attention to Yourself?”
“Finding a New Job: First, Recognize Your Preferences”

Friday, June 4, 2004 (Private)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Martina (Tanyas)

(Elias’ arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

MARTINA: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: Welcome!

MARTINA: I come from Germany. At first I want to say greetings from Beauti. (Elias chuckles) You are laughing?

ELIAS: I am merely amused with your apprehension.

MARTINA: With my apprehension?

ELIAS: You may relax. I shall assure you I shall not bite you! (Laughs loudly)

MARTINA: I’m very excited to meet you for the first time. I’ve read many of the transcripts, and now I’m very happy to be here and to meet you. I have many questions for you.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARTINA: But first I want you to tell me my family and alignment and orientation, please.

ELIAS: And your impression?

MARTINA: My impression with my alignment is perhaps Milumet.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTINA: And my family seems to be Tumold?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARTINA: Tumold/Milumet. And my orientation, intermediate.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTINA: So, that’s great. That feels very good for me. I’m really intermediate? (Sighs, and Elias chuckles) Now I know where many problems come from, where I feel that I don’t fit in here.

ELIAS: Many intermediates individuals incorporate similar feelings, but that is expressed in association with your comparison of yourself with other individuals.

MARTINA: Yes, comparison all the time. I compare myself with everyone I meet, yes. I am emotional focus, that’s right?


MARTINA: My essence name, please?

ELIAS: Essence name, Tanyas, T-A-N-Y-A-S (TAHN yus).

MARTINA: And could you please give me the same for my son, Garrett?

ELIAS: Essence name Hartmut. And your impression as to essence families?

MARTINA: I have no impression. In astrology, I know he is Jungfrau — I can’t translate it now. His essence family, I don’t really know.

ELIAS: Essence family Vold; alignment, Sumari.

MARTINA: And what is his orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

MARTINA: Am I the only intermediate in my close family?


MARTINA: I have a question about my intent. Everybody wants to know what their intent is! I think it’s for me to handle this authority thing. I have always trouble and trouble with rules and authorities. That’s correct?

ELIAS: Yes, an exploration of the expressions of authority and how you interact with that and how you allow or do not allow an influence in association with the role of authorities.

MARTINA: With the role?

ELIAS: The position.

MARTINA: But how can I change this?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of changing the intent, but perhaps altering how you perceive the intent. Rather than viewing it as a tremendous challenge, perhaps to begin to allow yourself to continue your exploration of authorities, already recognizing what you view in their position, but now incorporating a playfulness in exploring how you interact and what you allow as to your responses. Rather than merely engaging automatic responses, allow yourself to incorporate more playfulness, and allow your own freedom of expression.

Rather than viewing the authority as intimidating or an entity that you must force energy against, perhaps you may be incorporating the invention of a new game to be playing with your figures of authority, viewing them differently, as not actually incorporating authority at all and that you are equally as powerful.

MARTINA: There are other things that belong to my intent in the observing and noticing of the behavior and perception of others. I do it all my life since I was a small one. Is that a thing that belongs to my intent?

ELIAS: Yes, but that is also associated with the general theme of exploring authority figures and how that influences individuals’ behaviors.

MARTINA: I’m always looking to the other people. It’s so hard to stay with myself and to feel in myself and not to project my attention to the others.

ELIAS: This requires practice. I may express to you a suggestion. Do not attempt to overwhelm yourself and do not attempt to view this practice or this action of holding your attention upon yourself for long time frameworks initially. Allow yourself to merely pay attention in one day, to practice in one day how often you may be paying attention to yourself. Or in one day, you may generate an exercise and merely pay attention to how often you do not pay attention to yourself — which may be quite instructive! (Chuckles) For once you are recognizing how often you do not pay attention to yourself, you shall be paying attention to yourself.

It also offers you information as to what triggers you, what triggers your attention to move outside of yourself automatically. In that identification, you may offer yourself more of a clarity and therefore allow yourself to choose and notice in the moments that some action or interaction is occurring, and you begin to recognize: Ah, each time I am incorporating this type of interaction, my attention is triggered to be projecting outside of myself. Now I am noticing that action and I may be turning my attention to myself and inquiring within myself “what am I expressing,” rather than what is the other individual expressing.

MARTINA: It’s very difficult. Since I know you and the transcripts, I tried it again and again, and I feel it’s very hard. I forget it, and hours later I remember there was something that I want to do. Another question in this direction with my intent, the challenge to care and to be close without doing much. Beyond that...

ELIAS: That is another avenue. There are many specific avenues that you engage that are associated with the general theme.

I may offer you a suggestion that may be less distracting to your attention in this now, to be not incorporating this creature. (Elias indicates Mary’s dog, Polly, who has been fretting while sitting on Martina’s lap.) Allow yourself to not incorporate this creature, and you shall be less distracted. For once again your attention is moving outside and being distracted and struggling in attempting to be concentrating upon focusing with your questions.

MARTINA: I have been told that I have to work without territory and without security. Is this correct? You know what I mean, the territory?


MARTINA: Is this correct?


Now; let me offer you explanation. You may offer yourself information through many different sources, but what is significant is that you allow yourself to become familiar with you. Therefore, as you offer yourself any information, such as what you have expressed in this question, you may evaluate that and you may allow yourself to recognize what you are projecting in energy in any particular time framework, which reflects in your receiving that type of information.

Let me express to you, this many times with many individuals becomes what we may express as tricky business, for individuals seek out other individuals, or even other essences, and dependent upon what you are projecting in energy and what you are drawing yourself to in any particular moment, you may be offering yourself information that is partial information, or it may be somewhat distorted. Or it may be a translation of the energy that you are projecting in the moment, and the individual that is offering you the information is filtering that through their perception and expressing an absolute. There are no absolutes.

In one moment, you may be discounting of yourself, and in that moment, the energy that you may be projecting and the type of discounting that you may be expressing may be translated into information that you are displaced. Therefore, that may be translated into “no territory.” Or you may be discounting of yourself and your abilities and not trusting your ability to express yourself and to generate certain manifestations, and that may translate into information that you shall not be creating abundance.

But those are not absolutes. They are indications of what type of energy you are projecting in the moment, which is beneficial information — not to be receiving that information as an absolute and thusly distressing yourself and reinforcing more of your own discounting of yourself, but to incorporate receiving that information and thusly generating an evaluation: What am I discounting of myself in this now? What am I not trusting within myself of my abilities in this now, therefore projecting this type of energy and reflecting to myself what I am projecting?

MARTINA: I think that’s the point, the absolutes. I have so many absolutes.

ELIAS: And within this time framework, addressing to this wave of truths, that becomes very strong and it becomes much more obvious, for you begin to experience your truths. But do not incorporate the trap once again to be viewing your truths and automatically once again discounting yourself and expressing that this is bad; for your truths are merely strongly expressed beliefs that you have generated into an absolute. But once you are recognizing your truths, you may begin to view them, evaluate them, evaluate their influences, and offer yourself choice.

Remember, each truth incorporates many, many influences, some of which you prefer, some of which you do not. It is merely a matter of recognizing what the influences of your truths are, recognizing that they are your truths, they are your guidelines for YOU, not necessarily for any other individual, and that that is acceptable. It is not bad for you to incorporate your own preferences and your own opinions, but also recognize the difference is not bad, either. As strongly as you may align with your truths, other individuals align strongly with their truths also — but they are THEIR guidelines. It is not necessary that you agree but that you allow yourself to not be threatened by the differences, and therefore generate cooperation.

MARTINA: Yes, I experience in this time framework to feel threatened in moments.

ELIAS: Yes, and the reason that you experience threateningness in association with differences is that you discount yourself and thusly you question yourself, and you camouflage the questioning of yourself by defending. The defending is an automatic response. If you are defending, you may assure yourself that you are not quite sure of your own truths, and therefore, they must be protected.

MARTINA: The same man who told me that told me also that I have qualities that are not valued in this time framework and in this western country. Is this the same? Did I project something and he put it in this form?

ELIAS: Yes, for you are not valuing yourself and trusting your qualities and your abilities, and therefore, this is reflected. It is not TRUE, but it is real. It is real energy that you are projecting. It is a real perception that you incorporate of yourself, but it is not true.

MARTINA: When you say this, I understand and I can see it.

My next problem is my job. I have kept my job, and I have worked a long time with children and I worked as a nurse. Now I want to do other things. I think I have other qualities. I don’t want to be the mother for other people; I want to be the mother for myself. Now I’m looking for a new job, and there are problems. I don’t have a clear picture of what I want to do.

ELIAS: For you are not listening to yourself.

MARTINA: I’m not listening? I have a sense that I...?

ELIAS: You are thinking, but you are not listening.

MARTINA: Can you give me a hint?

ELIAS: Thought does not create reality; it merely translates. You are thinking and thinking and thinking concerning what you shall do, what you know, what is traditional, what is the structure, and you are not allowing yourself to listen to your creativity and to your communications concerning your preferences and what you want. For what is familiar to you is to be continuously listening to the wants of other individuals, and it is unfamiliar to you to be listening to your own voice and your own wants. Therefore, you are not familiar with your preferences.

This is your beginning point, to be allowing yourself to recognize your preferences, and therefore inspire yourself to move in those directions rather than in directions that have been expected.

MARTINA: Yes, but I want to (inaudible) in my intent. That wasn’t a wrong way to earn money till I can create it by myself.

ELIAS: But now recognize also, in some of these directions it is not necessarily a matter that the type of profession, so to speak, that you choose is not adequate or that it is not what you yourself are creating, for you are. It is not a matter of black and white — either you are incorporating employment with some established business or you are generating your own direction and incorporating your own business of some type. It is not black and white.

You are generating your own expression, regardless of whether you are incorporating employment with some establishment or whether you are generating in a different manner. You are the one that is creating the reality. Therefore, even within the structure of some employment, you may be allowing yourself your freedom to express your creativity, to be paying attention to yourself and to be incorporating fun.

Let me express to you, many individuals speak with myself and they inquire of myself concerning their employment. They wish to be incorporating what they term to be large sums of money or they wish to be incorporating the action of winning the lottery. Therefore, they shall incorporate large volumes of money, and if they incorporate this money, they shall incorporate the freedom to be, in their terms, doing what they want, and they will not incorporate their employment any longer. But if they incorporate all of this money, they are not incorporating their employment and they do not know what their preferences are, therefore they are working harder in not employment than they are in employment, for they are pushing their energy so very hard in their freedom. For they do not understand their freedom, and they associate freedom with time.

Time is not necessarily freedom. You may incorporate tremendous volumes of time and not be expressing your freedom and be pushing, pushing your energy, working very hard with your energy — and not working! (Laughs) This is the reason that it is significant to be evaluating, to become familiar with yourself, to know what your preferences are and therefore know what is most efficient and most effortless for you in your movement.

Some individuals are more comfortable with some element of structure, for this allows them to be effortlessly moving and accomplishing, and not continuously evaluating and analyzing and attempting to think and think and think “what shall I do, how shall I do?” They merely incorporate the structure of time, which requires no thinking and no evaluation. They merely move to their employment, and without thinking, they act. That is more effortless than not incorporating their employment and thinking, thinking, thinking and attempting to be imagining what they may do, as they perceive themselves to be doing nothing. But you are doing something — you are worrying and you are forcing energy and you are incorporating an action. It merely does not appear to you to be an action, for it is not a product; you are not producing.

MARTINA: But now I know that I’m intermediate and it’s okay to produce not outwardly.

ELIAS: Let me express to you also in association with your orientation. It is not a rule, but generally speaking most individuals of the intermediate orientation do prefer some elements of structure. They do incorporate more of a comfort with some expression of structure but with enough allowance to express their own individual methods within the structure, to allow themselves to express their creativity and their appreciation of themselves but within an outside structure, but not a rigid structure.

MARTINA: I tend to rigid things.

ELIAS: Within yourself, but you also push against outside rigidness.

MARTINA: I have created a new job, but should it be a new job? I would have to be the woman with the emergency suitcase. I have cancelled this and have said I don’t want to make this within me. And I think this is a preference, to be important for myself and not for other people. You even said I do not know my preferences, and this is shocking for me in some ways.

ELIAS: But this is not to say that you may not know them; it is merely a matter of paying attention to yourself and genuinely allowing yourself to become intimately familiar with yourself.

MARTINA: I have to think about this. It’s not so important what employment I will do; it’s not important. I could do any employment and feel good, yes?

ELIAS: Yes. It is what you allow within yourself, what you allow in expressing your creativity and expressing you in your freedom. That is what is important.

MARTINA: I have a question about a relationship with my friend Sophie. Oftentimes we are paralleling with our actions and thinking. Are we in counterpart action?


MARTINA: I do know that I know her from other focuses.




MARTINA: There’s another question about my fear. In the last years, I feel that as my fear is growing every day more and more — I’m thinking a lot that you told me about this — I think the fear stems from the (inaudible). Is this right?

ELIAS: It also is associated with your tendency to be comparing quite strongly. As you compare yourself with other individuals, or even as you compare yourself with your ideal of yourself, you reinforce this discounting of yourself that you do not measure to your expectation. You do not measure to the ideal you, and therefore, you discount yourself. The more that you discount yourself, the more you doubt your abilities and the more you doubt your abilities, the more you become a victim of yourself and the more you generate the fear. For if you are moving into the expression of victim to yourself, you eliminate your choices. You do not perceive that you incorporate choices; therefore, how may you change any expression within your focus, for you are now powerless. But you incorporate quite a strong power...

MARTINA: Yes, I know this.

ELIAS: ...and a tremendous potential to be expressing it, but you are channeling that energy and that power into the victim, and channeling that energy into fear. And you may turn that and channel that energy into appreciation.

MARTINA: I tried that a lot in the last weeks. Can you see that change?

ELIAS: Yes, somewhat. And I may express to you to continue practicing, for what you have generated is an extended time framework in which you project your attention outward outside of yourself and concern yourself with other individuals to an extreme and concern yourself with attempting to satisfy the wants of other individuals, and not paying attention to your own.

Now; you have generated that in such an extreme, that as you turn your attention to yourself — which is difficult, for it is unfamiliar — you are automatically now generating an association in what you may term to be almost an opposite perception of other individuals. Now they are irritating to you, and now you are moving in the other direction of “I do not want to be interactive; I do not want to be helpful; I do not want to be accommodating other individuals’ wants.” Once again, you have moved into the black and white, the either/or — either it is concerning the other individuals or it is concerning you.

There is a balance. There is a middle in which you are paying attention to yourself, you are allowing yourself to express your preferences, you are generating your appreciation of yourself, and you also generate an appreciation of all of your reality and all that has been created within your reality. For you begin to recognize that all that is within your reality, you have created. Therefore, all of the other individuals that may be within your reality, you are creating them. And if you are creating them and if you are appreciating of you, they, in a manner of speaking, are an extension of you, and therefore they are appreciated also. (Chuckles)

MARTINA: There is a sentence in the transcripts I have read, that we each individually generate the objective insertion of the Shift.


MARTINA: What does that mean?

ELIAS: What is meant in this statement is that this shift is not an event of itself. This shift in consciousness is an action that each individual is creating through the action of widening their awareness, the acceptance of their beliefs, the acceptance of self, and an action of genuinely turning and creating directing self — which may be somewhat of a challenge with your intent, for you concern yourself with authorities. But this is the challenge, to turn that perception — not to change the intent, but to move the exploration of it in more of an expansiveness, and therefore to be recognizing what you perceive to be authorities but directing yourself regardless, and not being directed by the authorities.

In this action, each individual begins to insert this shift into their objective reality, and each individual that moves more into this objective insertion of this shift — which is the alteration of their perceptions, for perception creates the actual physical reality and everything within it — as each individual alters their perception, they alter the reality, and they offer energy to all the other individuals to be generating similarly.

Therefore, there is not an actual physical date-point that I may express to individuals within this forum or beyond that is the actual completion of this shift. I may offer an approximation in dates, but it is dependent upon all of the individuals within your reality and when they each insert this shift. It is moving, and it is being inserted, and individuals are widening their awareness quite rapidly. But as you are also aware in association with this wave addressing to truths, there is much polarization and much opposition, also. For individuals hold tightly to their truths, and they struggle and push against difference quite strongly.

MARTINA: My vision has changed. Is that to remember to pay attention and to look to myself? Is that the reason, or is there something I don’t want to see?

ELIAS: It is both. What you do not want to see is outside of yourself any longer. But remember, viewing within is not to the exclusion of viewing outwardly. Remember the balance.

MARTINA: I don’t remember much of my dreams, and when I do the mirror exercise, I see only an unclear picture of perhaps another focus. Where does that come from, that I don’t remember much or see?

ELIAS: In not generating a memory of dream imagery or dream action, you are not incorporating your objective awareness in your dream state, for that is what creates the memory. If you are involving your objective awareness within sleep state, you begin to create imagery, and that is the imagery of the dreams. That is what dreams are; they are objective imagery as a translation of the subjective action that is occurring in that time framework. If you are not engaging your objective awareness within sleep state, you do not generate memory, for the objective was not creating imagery. Your objective awareness is what creates imagery.

Now; if you wish to be generating an objective involvement within your sleep state to create dream imagery, you can quite simply, by altering your sleep patterns. If you interrupt the familiarity of your sleep patterns, the objective awareness continues to be functioning and monitoring what you are doing, in a manner of speaking. Therefore, if you temporarily are engaging different sleep patterns, perhaps incorporating a nap or altering the hours in which you are sleeping or altering how many hours you are sleeping, these interrupt the familiar pattern, and that automatically engages the objective awareness.

MARTINA: I will try that, thank you. I want to ask you, do I have another focus as a jazz singer?


MARTINA: Is it a famous one?

ELIAS: Somewhat, within your early 1900s within the southern area of America. And you may investigate.

MARTINA: It’s a male focus?


MARTINA: I think I do have more male focuses than female, is that right?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARTINA: I do not have more questions, but you have given me much to think about and to feel and to...

ELIAS: Assimilate.

MARTINA: Assimilate, yes.

ELIAS: And do not forget of your exercise, to be incorporating one day of noticing all of your discountings of yourself and one day to be incorporating of noticing how often you acknowledge yourself or you appreciate. This also may be interesting and playful for you, amusing to you to view how the scale is not balanced! Perhaps you may be incorporating some of these discountings of yourself, and you may appreciating of them and put them in your other scale to be balancing more efficiently. (Laughs) Those expressions that you discount yourself, evaluate them in a playful manner and attempt to discover some appreciation for those discountings.

MARTINA: I don’t understand.

ELIAS: If you are noticing some element that you discount yourself of, view that and view it in a playful manner, and turn that to how you may appreciate that very same expression. This shall be your new game: I shall express to you also that within this week, each day you shall incorporate an action of any type, one time within each day, that genuinely invokes a smile and laughter within yourself. Present one element to yourself each day that you shall incorporate “HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” Perhaps merely visualize myself and my expression (Elias laughs heartily again to demonstrate), and you shall be incorporating also this laughter!

MARTINA: Yes, I will do so.

ELIAS: Which may be helpful to your appreciation! (Chuckles)

Very well, my friend. I shall anticipate our next meeting. Be assured I shall be offering my energy to you, and I shall be encouraging and supportive to you.

MARTINA: Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: It is always available. My encouragement, my appreciation and my affection to you, my friend.

MARTINA: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

MARTINA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 57 minutes.