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DreamDream WalkersDualityDuplicity
Session 1010difference between what we choose and what we expect
Session 1135the challenge is paying attention to what you actually do
Session 1167WHAT am I doing
Session 1196small actions that generally speaking are overlooked are indicators
Session 1204information concerning what you naturally generate
Session 1305How are you forcing your energy?
Session 1394your association is that doing must be producing
Session 1510paying attention to that element of you that is choosing
Session 1532pay attention to what you do, for that is what you are choosing
Session 1555offer yourself the empowerment to intentionally direct your choices
Session 1632Waiting is an action of allowing another individual to be directing you.
Session 1729And what you are not doing influences what you ARE doing.
Session 1742you automatically expect yourself to do some action
Session 1774What are you doing in this moment?
Session 1780paying attention to what I’m doing during the course of a day
Session 1811the energy that you are projecting is already discounting yourself
Session 1861it is important to be paying attention in each day to all of what you are doing
Session 1970the significance of paying attention to all that you do
Session 2905many of these aspects are so familiar to you that you do not see them
Session 2956concentrating upon the doing some action rather than allowing
Session 3087genuinely express your own deservingness
Session 583pushing vs. relaxing
Session 905pay attention to this doing aspect of yourself
Session 908opportunity to distinguish that your attention is not your thoughts
Session 910discover the mechanism of your attention
Session 913allowing yourself more of a familiarity with self
Session 914an intentional block of familiar movement
Session 920allow yourself to pay attention to what you are actually doing
Session 921miraculously other choices become clearer
Session 931What specifically should I do now?
Session 941not paying attention to what you are doing
Session 942the choosing follows your direction
Session 949paying attention to the CHOOSING rather than the thinking