Session 1678

“Focus Impressions”

Thursday, December 16, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Bevan)

(Elias’ arrival time is 12 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JIM: Good afternoon, Elias. Should I thank you for the electrician-baffling failure of one of our two new stairwell lights that were recently installed for us?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Merely a temporary interruption.

JIM: Exactly, although a very interesting one! Was that you?


JIM: Yes, I thought it might be. I’ve never asked you from what essence or essences Bevan fragmented. Could you tell me that?

ELIAS: Fragmentation, Lantron, L-A-N-T-R-O-N.

JIM: Oh, for goodness sakes. That’s a new one for me. Have any essences fragmented from Bevan?

ELIAS: Many.

JIM: Okay, then I’m not going to ask you to name them, then. (Elias laughs) Muriel has been much on my mind lately. I believe that Muriel has disengaged in this probable dimension. Has she?


JIM: Was I subjectively present at her disengagement?


JIM: (Emotionally) Did she recognize me as the stranger in her dreams, and was I able to help her in any way?


JIM: Is she now in transition?

ELIAS: Not yet.

JIM: When she is on my mind, am I still projecting energy to her?


JIM: Recently, I came up with a new email address for her. I sent two messages to that address, and they didn’t bounce. Was that email address her address, or was it somebody else’s?

ELIAS: Another individual. But I may express to you that in this present situation, you may be engaging in what you term to be contact and interaction more easily now, for the individual is not engaging transition yet and therefore is continuing to express an objective awareness and create objective imagery.

As I have expressed recently with other individuals, as this shift escalates, and in this time framework also, the veils of separation are significantly thinning. Individuals that have disengaged are aware of their ability to be projecting through layers of consciousness and be interactive with individuals that are continuing within physical focus.

JIM: But she wouldn’t know me as an objective person, she would know me subjectively. I don’t know what the difference would be, but...

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no. In exchanging energy, the other individual may generate an objective image of you.

JIM: You identified the feeling and resulting impulse that I once experienced as my translation of Muriel’s projection of energy to me. When I experienced a repeat of that recently, was that the result of another projection of energy from her?


JIM: Did she offer that projection before disengagement or after?

ELIAS: After.

JIM: My failed attempts to contact Mariana have left me dubious of anything that I might come up with for her. My library impression seems, at best, to have been objectively distorted. Was there anything about that impression that was valid?

ELIAS: What is your assessment?

JIM: My impression was that she’s associated with Blue Hill Library, somehow. That turns out not to be the case, as far as I can tell.

ELIAS: Your impression is somewhat correct, for the individual has visited that.

JIM: Is her surname Hutchins or Hutchinson?

ELIAS: Hutchinson.

JIM: Why am I giving myself so much information about Valline? Is it just because of Mariana?

ELIAS: For the most part, yes, and offering yourself a manner in which you may be interactive with the same essence.

JIM: I assume I have a purpose in creating that brush with Mariana. Was that simply to present myself with another challenge?

ELIAS: In what manner?

JIM: Well, I certainly have tried hard enough to get in touch with her, and run into all sorts of situations that I wouldn’t normally run into objectively. That was my question there.

ELIAS: Not necessarily a challenge, but a new avenue for adventure.

JIM: I am not aware of meeting Mariana in my dreams as I met Muriel. Am I interacting with her subjectively as I was with Muriel?

ELIAS: Somewhat; not as extensively.

JIM: Did our brief encounter in the jury pool make as lasting an impression on her as it did on me?

ELIAS: Not as strong, but somewhat.

JIM: Do I have a female focus living in Mississippi in the post Civil War timeframe, who influences me much like Hans Schmidt does?


JIM: Is her name Amanda Cooper, a slim black woman, a kitchen maid, and she was born a slave?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I feel that she is a very happy person and enjoys her kitchen maid life. Is that correct?


JIM: Is she aligned Vold, soft orientation, emotional focus?


JIM: By any chance, did she die from a spider bite?


JIM: That’s where I get my fear of spiders. I feel quite attached to Amanda, and suspect that my urge to brush crumbs from our tablecloth reflects that. Is that the case, and does she feed birds with the crumbs she collects?


JIM: Was my early fascination with firearms influenced by a focus who would feel undressed without a revolver or a rifle at hand?


JIM: Is that focus known as Tully Simms?

ELIAS: No, that is an observing role.

JIM: Does the name “Tully” come from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and his actual given name is Clement?


JIM: I believe that he grew up in Tulsa in the 1800s, post Civil War, I believe, and I feel that he thinks of himself as a gunfighter, although I believe he actually makes his living driving cattle to market. Am I right?


JIM: Does he align Vold, common orientation, thought focus?

ELIAS: Yes; political.

JIM: I don’t think that he was actually involved in many gunfights, but I believe that he dies in one in a saloon in Fargo, North Dakota. Do I have that one right?


JIM: Do I have a focus that flew for Japan during the attack on Pearl Harbor named Ashita Namura?


JIM: Aligned with Vold, common orientation and emotional focus?

ELIAS: Thought.

JIM: Does he pilot a torpedo bomber that scores a hit on the battleship Arizona, and considers himself a sort of modern samurai? Does he die during the battle of Midway Island?

ELIAS: Yes, yes.

JIM: I feel his influence in brief exultant feelings that I associate with banking and climbing of a single-seated aircraft. Is that the correct?


JIM: You agreed that Lola Montez is a focus of mine. I place her in Tijuana, Mexico during the California gold rush era. Is that correct?


JIM: Does she align Tumold, common orientation, emotional focus, and makes her living as a prostitute?

ELIAS: Yes. Occasionally.

JIM: She comes through to me as a bitter woman gladly taking advantage of clients whenever possible. Is that right?


JIM: Is one of her clients a focus of Valline named Gil Smith, a prospector?

ELIAS: Would be. (Chuckles)

JIM: Aligned Zuli, common orientation, emotional focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Lola fleeces him of much of the money he received from selling his claim — is that correct?


JIM: Do I have a focus who I would consider a Georgia redneck?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Yes.

JIM: Is his name Jethro Carter, a sharecropper?


JIM: I get him aligned Borledim, which seems kind of weird to me, and intermediate orientation, emotional focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I see him plowing with his mule in post Civil War times. As a young man, did he participate in the Confederate army activities? ELIAS: Yes.

JIM: Did he marry a Margaret who died while giving birth to their first child, and the child did not survive?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: He subsequently took in a mulatto woman named Amelia to live with him who had three children by Jethro, two boys and a girl?


JIM: I see her raising those kids with a quiet but fierce devotion that allowed them to go on to successful, satisfying lives. As a father, Jethro sort of stood aside and let Amelia handle it, right?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JIM: I have him associated more with peanut crops than with cotton. Was he one of the early farmers to grow peanuts for a cash crop?


JIM: Did Jethro have any influence in my enjoyment of plowing as a teenager?


JIM: I believe that I have a focus named Bernadette Devereaux, a nun and a teacher in Arles, France, timeframe as that of Louis XIV.


JIM: Does she align Tumold, common orientation?


JIM: Why did I get a confusion of soft with her?

ELIAS: For the individual incorporates some expressions that would be more commonly associated with a soft individual.

JIM: Is she thought focused?

ELIAS: Political.

JIM: I feel that she teaches church dogma but does not really accept it. Is that the case?

ELIAS: To an extent.

JIM: I see her living through the French revolution but not supporting it. Does she tend to keep her thoughts to herself, as I do?


JIM: I believe that I have a focus on Luzon by the name of Ramon Marcos, a rice farmer in the San Fernando La Union area?

ELIAS: Yes; partially.

JIM: I feel that he is aligned Borledim, common orientation, emotional focus. Is his life contemporary with Heidi’s?

ELIAS: Correct; yes.

JIM: I feel that he loves working in the rice paddies and fishing off the beach with compadres. Is that about right?


JIM: I feel that there is some connection with the girl fortuneteller whom I met briefly when I was there. Observing essence, possibly, or is she a descendent of Ramon?

ELIAS: Observing.

JIM: I woke recently with a dream image of two girls walking on a log in play. Is the dark haired girl a focus of mine named Hermone Hess?

ELIAS: Hermione.

JIM: Is she a future focus, her life spanning the completion of the Shift? I believe the scene that I saw was in the Black Forest area of Germany. Is that right?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: She aligns Tumold, common orientation, thought focused?


JIM: Is her blond companion a focus of Jale?


JIM: Do I have a focus named Biffy or Biff Smith, a black man, fat, wearing a derby, and his given name is Bifford?


JIM: Is he a honky-tonk piano player in New Orleans, but also on Mississippi river boats? He plays by ear. He is quite musically inventive, none of which is written down. His life spans the Civil War.


JIM: He aligns Sumari, soft orientation, political focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Did he suffer from sickle-cell anemia and became alcoholic?


JIM: Do I have a female focus in China named Tzu Li in a timeframe that is quite a bit earlier than my present timeframe? I see her walking bent under a load of firewood.


JIM: Does she align Tumold, common orientation, emotional focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I feel that she lives early in the age of Chinese emperors, but I’m not sure of the timeframe as specified in terms of my timeframe. Can you help me with that?

ELIAS: I would express to you the time framework would be that of the 1st century.

JIM: I believe that she is quite content with her role in life. Her mate works as a rice grower. I’m not sure of the number of children that she has borne. Is it seven?


JIM: I feel that her influence helps me in acceptance of my life, at least to the extent that I manage to accept it.

ELIAS: Yes, and influencing of contentment.

JIM: Do I have a focus in Ireland at the beginning of British occupation named Liam O’Connor? I believe that he is a friar, more by opportunism than conviction, in Belfast?

ELIAS: Just outside.

JIM: Aligns Tumold, intermediate orientation, emotional focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: He is not notably celibate, and I believe that he had a number of liaisons with Mary O’Flarrity, a focus of Liam, who is the wife of a sea captain.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Mary, I believe, belongs Borledim and aligns Vold.

ELIAS: No, continue your investigation. Ha ha ha!

JIM: Soft orientation, emotional focus?


JIM: Do I have a focus named Jean Batiste living in New Orleans during the time that the British were kicked out?


JIM: Aligns Vold, intermediate orientation, political focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: He owns a house in what is now known as the French Quarter and runs a saloon on the first floor of that house and the upper floor serves as a bordello?

ELIAS: Briefly, yes.

JIM: Is Martha Valois, a Creole who runs the bordello business, his mistress?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Is she a focus of either Valline or Jene?

ELIAS: Jene.

JIM: Aligns Ilda, soft orientation, emotional focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Do I have a focus in Holland who owns a windmill, name of Hendrick Van Pelter? Is it Pelter or Kelter?

ELIAS: The first.

JIM: Does he align Borledim, common orientation, thought focused?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: His wife’s name is Katrina, aligned Tumold?

ELIAS: No, Sumari.

JIM: Soft orientation, emotional focus?


JIM: I see her as a jolly, rotund woman, a focus of Valline.

ELIAS: Observing.

JIM: They have six children, three boys and three girls, a happy family, active in the Dutch Reformed Church. Is that about right?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JIM: I asked you about some dream images during our last chat. There was another dream image that I didn’t ask you about, but I still don’t understand. The image was of an erect phallus seen against a light background, not attached to a body. I feel that this symbol has meaning for me on a number of levels. I see this symbol as related to my intent in this lifetime. Is it also related to my writing?


JIM: I feel I have at least two focuses in ancient Greece associated with this symbol. One of them is a priestess of Dionysius named Licencia, who is responsible for organizing bacchanalian rites associated with her religion.


JIM: Is she aligned Vold, intermediate orientation, political focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Is another focus a trader in Athens, named Antonius or something like that?


JIM: Aligned Milumet, soft orientation, emotional focus?

ELIAS: Yes. I am acknowledging you in your impressions!

JIM: I’ll tell you, I don’t know how I’m doing all this, but it’s coming through. (Elias laughs) Does he have a preference for sexual relations with pre-pubescent girls, and he obtains these girls by purchase in slave markets?


JIM: I think his energy tone is very close to my own and that I am both attracted and repelled by his energy. I see his energy as being quite influential throughout my lifetime. Is this the case?


JIM: Do I have a focus named Helena who is a Delphic oracle?


JIM: Does she align Milumet, soft orientation, religious focus?


JIM: I believe she interacts with you through a contemporary focus.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JIM: I feel that she is sufficiently successful in tracing probabilities for others and that she is fairly well known.

ELIAS: Within her area, yes.

JIM: The name Mjubo turned up in my stories, and I get a sense of a focus in Africa, a black male, dressed in skins, holding a spear, tending cattle. Does he speak Swahili?


JIM: I believe that he aligns Ilda, soft orientation, emotional focus.

ELIAS: Common.

JIM: I don’t feel as connected with this focus as I do with a number of the others that I have identified. Is this because of racial and cultural differences?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. More so in association with experiences.

JIM: I probably have other focuses in black Africa. Why am I picking this particular one?

ELIAS: For this is what you are drawing to yourself in a recognition of the energy of that focus.

JIM: I tried “Gates of Horn” successfully for the first time and brought back a waking awareness of a quite vivid dream.”(1)”:#1 I think that you were part of it briefly. In the dream, you introduced me to Madeline. Is she a focus of mine?


JIM: I had her last name and I lost it. Is it Koch, K-O-C-H?

ELIAS: Add an S at the end.

JIM: Does she align Tumold, soft orientation, emotional focus, and is a future focus early in the next century on the island of Aruba?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I think that she is objectively aware of me. Is she?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JIM: Does she project energy specifically to me as I have tried to project energy to Muriel?

ELIAS: Yes, to be encouraging.

JIM: I could use some of that. When I sit with my feet up reading, my legs and feet are in constant motion. It takes an effort of will to still them. My guess is that this represents a discharge of energy, somehow. Does it?

ELIAS: Yes, a release.

JIM: Am I really holding energy back to that extent?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of holding back, my friend. It is a matter of generating a considerable concentration of energy and naturally releasing it.

JIM: Should I do anything about it, or just continue the way I am?

ELIAS: It is an efficient manner to be releasing energy.

JIM: Occasionally I experience a strange feeling with regard to my arms and hands. I find it hard to describe. It’s as though they were a part of me and yet not. Sometimes I have a similar experience with my legs and feet when I look down at them as I walk. I’ve read about out-of-body experiences, and this experience seems to be something like that, only limited to my limbs. What am I creating here?

ELIAS: This, in actuality, is an experience of less separation and an experience that incorporates an awareness that you also are not as solid as you appear to be. In connecting with many other focuses of you, you disassociate at times with elements of your physical body consciousness in a type of experience that reinforces those connections of the other focuses as being you also. Therefore, at times, your extremities may be being viewed as another individual. That is the expression of less separation.

JIM: In relation to my contemporary focus count going from four to five, is the added focus a male orca whose name translates to Estan? ELIAS: Yes.

JIM: I see him in the Bering Sea, swimming toward the sea surface.


JIM: If Muriel has disengaged, which she has, has my contemporary focus count in this dimension gone back to four?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I find Glazunov’s “The Seasons” ballet quite emotionally affecting. I think that a focus of mine participated in the premier performance of that ballet in 1900. Is that focus associated with the Kirov Ballet Company, timeframe late 1800s, early 1900s?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I feel that the one who gave the spectacular performance in this ballet is a female named Olga Kurasov, yet I feel that my focus is male. Am I observing essence of the female or have I got them confused?

ELIAS: You are correct — observing essence of the female individual.

JIM: Does she belong Zuli and align Ilda?

ELIAS: Sumari.

JIM: Soft orientation and political focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Is the male named Dimitri Trogolev, aligned Sumari, soft orientation, emotional focus, and homosexual by preference?


JIM: Could I have the essence name of my first wife?

ELIAS: Essence name, Poalite, P-O-A-L-I-T-E.

JIM: Is she still in transition?


JIM: I am beginning to have a clearer understanding of our life together, but I still have unresolved issues with regard to her. I believe that she belongs Tumold, aligned Vold, common orientation, emotional focus?


JIM: For some reason, I associate the essence Valline with the playful beluga whale that entertained folks along the Maine and Massachusetts coast this year. Is that whale a focus of Valline?


JIM: It occurs to me that in this timeframe it is likely that the majority of cetaceans would not be focuses of essence, since a focus is usually a birth to disengagement sequence of experience in this dimension. Since cetaceans have only recently chosen focus of essence experience, I would guess that cetacean focuses living in this timeframe are all quite young. Is that the case?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Age would not necessarily be a factor.

JIM: After shoveling our driveway clear after a storm, I experienced my vision clouding strongly with red. Did a probable self of mine disengage at that point or shortly thereafter?


JIM: Regarding Gina who is being observed by KC, is her name Gina Vormann and she lives in London, England?


JIM: Does she belong Tumold, align Vold, soft orientation and emotional focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: In my fascination with Prokofiev’s Cinderella music, am I picking up the triumph that Ivana Petrosky felt at that premier performance of that ballet?


JIM: I associate Muriel with this music. Are Muriel and Ivana counterparts?


JIM: In my identification of my other focuses, I suspect that my awareness of them has an effect upon energy exchanges between me and many of my other selves, at least in this dimension. If so, does that effect reach into other dimensions?


JIM: It seems to me that in preparing questions for you about these focuses, what is occurring is similar to automatic writing.

ELIAS: Similar.

JIM: Does my widening awareness encourage other focuses of mine to widen their awareness?

ELIAS: At times, and at times it generates a supportive energy to other focuses in what they are exploring.

JIM: Does their widening awareness reflect back to me?


JIM: When I connect with another focus of myself, do I connect with just one probable self of that focus?

ELIAS: Generally speaking, yes.

JIM: What determines the particular focus probable self that I select?

ELIAS: What their experiences are and what type of energy they are expressing.

JIM: Could I select a different probable self of that focus if I desired to do so?


JIM: If another probable self of mine became aware of one of the focuses of self that I have discovered, would that probable self of mine select the same probable self of that focus that I do?

ELIAS: It is a possibility but not a rule.

JIM: Just curious! I don’t get very much information from cetacean focuses that I have identified. I believe that is because I am trying to draw information in verbal terms. If I could willingly use my empathic sense, would I perceive cetacean focuses more clearly? And is that just a matter of allowance?

ELIAS: Yes. It may be expressed quite easily.

JIM: Is preservation of identity a factor in my non-allowance?

ELIAS: No, not necessarily. It would be more associated with unfamiliarity.

JIM: It occurs to me that there might be a connection between my focus CJ Jacobson and an army buddy, CJ W. Since you say there are no coincidences, there must be something there that I’m not seeing. Can you help me with that?

ELIAS: In what respect?

JIM: Well, of course, they both came in my life as CJ. That’s the only thing I have. There’s no connection between them?

ELIAS: Counterparts, and also some similarities in experiences and in energy.

JIM: Remembrance of CJ W. brought to mind memory of events that parted us. Looking back, I can see where a number of probable selves could have arisen from that objectively involuntary curriculum switch and its emotional effect on me. Is it reasonable to ask for the number of probable selves that split off to explore different aspects of that experience?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in moments in which you create other probable realities and other probable selves, you create countless probable selves. Therefore, it would be inaccurate to be expressing a numbering of them. For in that moment that you create that, you engage the action of engaging every possible probability simultaneously.

JIM: I can understand that. I suspect that since CJ wanted to be a doctor and I didn’t, CJ also created a bunch of probable selves in that period. Did any of CJ’s probable selves achieve his desire to become a doctor?


JIM: In considering the association that I made between CJ and CJ, it occurred to me that much of our creativity derives from the association of concepts. I see that our beliefs linked by association to a large degree. Since all possibilities already exist within consciousness, doesn’t creativity consist of associating possibilities in new ways?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JIM: Do we create the probabilities that we present to ourselves by associating various related possibilities with experience we’ve already created?

ELIAS: At times.

JIM: Is the girl in the picture that I have labeled “Raquel” a focus of Jens?


JIM: Could I have the essence name of Andy B., please?

ELIAS: Lansford, L-A-N-S-F-O-R-D.

JIM: Does he belong to Milumet, align Zuli, common orientation and political focus?

ELIAS: Emotional.

JIM: How many focuses does he have in this dimension?

ELIAS: Eight hundred thirty-three.

JIM: How many of those are contemporary?

ELIAS: Five.

JIM: In how many of those focuses is he a tribal medicine man or equivalent?

ELIAS: Forty-one.

JIM: Oh, boy! He’s going to like that! (Elias laughs) I think that I share a number of lives with my dental hygienist. Do I?


JIM: May I have her essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Eliza, E-L-I-Z-A.

JIM: Does she belong Tumold, align Borledim, common orientation and thought focused?


JIM: How many focuses does she have in this dimension?

ELIAS: Nine hundred twenty.

JIM: How many of those are contemporary?

ELIAS: Five.

JIM: How many does she share with my dentist and how many with me?

ELIAS: Twenty-eight; eighteen.

JIM: I thought that I might interact with the Marian that I mistook for Marianna beyond the brief exchange of email that occurred. Does Marian belong Sumafi, align Sumari, common orientation and emotional focus?


JIM: When I discussed my focus intent with you, you clarified my impression saying that my intent was “an exploration of different aspects of sexuality and the different expressions and experiences that may be associated with it, not exclusively in association with dissatisfaction.” I feel that other focuses of mine have had much more experience of this nature than I, both in terms of number and nature. In what way is my exploration unique?

ELIAS: It is unique for you are unique, and you are exploring in the manner in which you choose and generating your own experiences. Other focuses may have similarities in their intent but would not be the same. For although they are you and you are they, you are individually unique.

JIM: So it’s my personality that experiences. This is what it amounts to.


JIM: I feel that I have somewhat neutralized my antipathy toward gay men. Have I managed that?

ELIAS: Yes, to a significant extent.

JIM: The homosexuality of my army motor pool sergeant didn’t seem to bother me. Why was I so upset by the homosexual advance of my college roommate?

ELIAS: A different experience and a threat to your preferences and the absoluteness of them.

JIM: I can see where a number of probable selves were created in that college roommate incident. Is that probably the case?


JIM: Quite a few, I imagine. (Elias chuckles) We’re running out of time; I think that’s it, then, for this session. Elias, thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. I am always available to you, and I shall continue to be encouraging of you. And remember, the veils of separation are thinning. Encourage yourself that your interaction may be more easily expressed now.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. I express to you tremendous fondness. Au revoir.

JIM: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 56 minutes.

(1) Here is a brief explanation of the term “Gates of Horn” from 10/1/97:

PAUL: I’m going to change the topic a little bit. I have some questions about dreams, dream experiences. In one of the sessions I’ve read, the issue of “a true dream from the gates of horn” and its Egyptian connections in our past was mentioned, and you mentioned that Michael had connected or accessed this region twice. I’m wondering if you would just elaborate a little bit further if you can about this type of action, of us tapping into a region that we call the Gates of Horn and what type of information is available there as opposed to other areas of our dreams. What’s special ... that’s not the right word. What’s unique? What’s the unique thing in that area?

ELIAS: When you are accessing that area of consciousness, when you are asking for information within that area of consciousness, you are asking essentially to be offering yourself a truthful dream imagery regardless of the information. When you are in the position of asking this type of question to be accessed within your dream state, you are also dealing with belief systems that you are wishing to be offering yourself information to be helpful to you, and risking your own non-acceptance of the answer that may be offered; this being why it has been termed the “true dream” from this area, for it shall provide you imagery and action within Regional Area 2 that is truthful to you beyond your belief systems.