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Session 1050appropriateness as 'pet' judgment
Session 1074generating a judgment concerning their judgment
Session 1257Therefore, who are you punishing?
Session 1274the challenge is to be interrupting this pattern of judgment
Session 1317evaluation of individuals’ performances: sharing rather than directing
Session 1496a feeling, a twinge and judgment
Session 1539examining fixing what you view to be past mistakes
Session 1551an automatic expression in relation to differences
Session 1574is the dislike a communication of the judgment?
Session 1586you are not eliminating judgment. You are changing it.
Session 1742What are you contributing to by your actions, by your energy?
Session 297lack of judgment
Session 302not eliminating motivation
Session 782distraction/judgment upon self
Session 864exploring self and genuinely exposing yourself to you
Session 889applying 'It matters not'