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SpiritualitySplinterSpontaneityStone circlesStrange feelings
SuicideSumafiSumariSupportivenessSweala and Grelko
Session 1018soul mates and twin souls
Session 1282each individual may encounter several soul mates within any one focus
Session 1295you do encounter generally several within each focus
Session 1307I want to be married, but he can’t
Session 1514experiencing this lack of separation
Session 1518a choice of essences to focus attentions together
Session 1526the number of focuses within this dimension is not indicative
Session 1634does not always imply that you would be generating harmony
Session 1653within consciousness those essences incorporate many shared experiences
Session 1695You may meet a soul mate in one focus and be repelled by them
Session 177twin soul
Session 187soul mates
Session 276soul mates
Session 288soul mates
Session 333repellent soul mates
Session 431split-apart
Session 969you genuinely seek the allowance of your own expression in freedom