Session 1736

“Overcoming Fear of Riding a Horse”
“The Key to Remembrance”

Saturday, March 26, 2005 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Theresa

(Elias’ arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

THERESA: Good afternoon!

ELIAS: Welcome!

THERESA: Thank you very much. I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to spend with me today.

ELIAS: (Laughs) It is relative.

THERESA: Yes, of course. I just discovered your information, your teachings about three weeks ago, and I have been reading quite a bit. I think I have a basic understanding or at least an intellectual understanding of much of it. I have some questions for you today that will help me apply your teachings to some situations in my life...

ELIAS: Very well.

THERESA: order that I can get a better understanding of how I create my own reality, and also in order to get a better understanding of recognizing and accessing my own inner guidance.

ELIAS: Very well.

THERESA: I have four areas that I wish to talk about if we have time. I have them prioritized. One is a fear issue, one is a health issue, one is some dream interpretations, and one is how to develop a better connection to my own inner self. Those are the four things.

ELIAS: Very well.

THERESA: The first item I have marked is my fear issue. I feel that I am making progress on all of these issues that I have talked about, but the fear issue is the one where I am having the most blockage or the most difficulty in, so I would like to start there.

ELIAS: Proceed.

THERESA: I have been riding horses for most of my life, and I have always loved riding horses. It has always been fun for me, and I have always felt very passionate about it. But in the last few years I have developed some fear around it, I think because of some near accidents and perhaps because of riding a horse that would get spooky for no discernible reason. It seems over the years that this has grown to the point that now I cannot ride without fear. I don’t really want to give it up, although I might have to. Since I understand that we create our own reality and that our outer reality is a mirror of what’s going on within us, obviously this fear in my riding is mirroring something within myself. And the fear is not just me; the horses also seem to be affected. In other words, the horses’ behavior is different when I ride them than when someone else rides them...

ELIAS: Of course.

THERESA: ...because they are picking up on my fear and mirroring it, and I am creating my own reality, in connection with horse.

ELIAS: Correct.

THERESA: I talked about this with Abraham a year or so ago, and they suggested to me that my fear was inner guidance from my inner being and that I should not proceed to ride in fear, that on those occasions I should wait or ride a different horse or ride on a different day or whatever.

I’m thinking that I could take some outer actions that will help me feel safer, such as getting a safer horse, riding in a more secure environment, riding only in circumstances where I feel comfortable. So, I’ve been taking steps to do those things, but I still have the fear. I’m wondering if there is something more that I need to do on an inner level, in terms of addressing the fear on more of an inner or deeper level than just the outside physical level.


Now; let me express to you, first of all, in generating these types of actions that you have been incorporating as those that you have described, what you are actually doing is reinforcing that fear.

THERESA: Yes, by practicing it. By riding in fear, I am practicing that vibration and making it more predominant.

ELIAS: Correct, and in generating actions outwardly such as altering your environment to provide what you perceive to be a safer environment or altering the creature that you engage as being another method to incorporate a safer environment and interaction, what you are actually doing is merely reinforcing the fear. You are offering energy to the perpetuation of the fear.

What is significant in this is to be paying attention to you and the type of energy that you are projecting. That is the most important, for the type of energy that you are projecting is what shall create what occurs within your reality and within your environment. Generating a relationship with your environment and with whatever you engage interaction with in association with knowing your own power and knowing that YOU are creating all of that is what generates more strength within you and dissipates that fear. The creature is not creating a threatening environment for you. You are not a victim of what the creature is doing. It is a matter of reestablishing your own confidence in your own power.

What generates the fear is engaging a time framework and action in which you are no longer directing you. You are relinquishing your strength and your power to whatever you perceive to be outside of yourself, being your environment and the creature.

Let me express to you — as you already know, but perhaps it may be helpful to be reminded — these particular creatures are interesting creatures in your reality. For although they are tremendously powerful and incorporate significant size and although they also with that power incorporate a tremendous expression of their own freedom, they also are what you would term to be a family or nurturing creature. They incorporate relationships with other creatures and with your species quite easily. In that power and strength that they incorporate, they are so acutely aware of themselves and of their strength that it affords them the ability to be expressing gentleness quite easily. For unlike you and your species, these creatures experience no motivation to prove their strength. Therefore, in the lack of motivation to prove their strength, they allow themselves to display their gentleness in nature.

Now; what generates fear with you is the perception of the lack of control. But what you are not recognizing is that it is not a matter of control. It is a matter of you recognizing that although you may not incorporate the size of the creature, you do incorporate equal strength.

THERESA: How so?

ELIAS: Your power is equally as strong as that of the creature. It may not necessarily be expressed physically, but it is expressed in energy, and the creature recognizes that and therefore responds to it. In a figurative manner of speaking, for this would be associated with your beliefs, it is a type of expression of mutual respect. The creature respects your presence, for it recognizes your power and your strength in energy, and it recognizes that it is equal to its own. As it does not incorporate a natural propensity for competition, it complies and cooperates with you in generating an interaction.

This particular creature incorporates a preference for physical interaction. Some creatures do not incorporate that preference, but this particular species does. This is the manner in which it communicates with you and it receives your communication to it, for it understands energy and the communication of energy. It does not interact with you in accordance with your spoken language. Although you may believe that to be the situation, that is not what is occurring in your relationship with this particular creature. It communicates to you through physical action and energy, and it receives communication from you through physical contact and energy. It understands how to translate that energy into communications. That is the nature of the language between you.

If you are projecting an energy of fear and distrust, what the creature is receiving is a clear communication that you do not trust yourself in your interaction with it. Therefore, you project an energy of threat to the creature, and it responds. For if you are distrusting of yourself, you are communicating to this creature that you have become a threat to it.

THERESA: So how do I generate more trust in myself and more trust in the creature, in the horse?

ELIAS: Allow yourself to genuinely be interactive with it. Generate that action incrementally. Allow yourself to establish a new relationship with the creature, incorporating physical interaction — not necessarily merely riding, but interacting with the creature physically and allowing yourself to be in the presence of its massiveness physically, and intentionally generate the action of incorporating relaxation in the presence of the creature. Allow yourself to remember your appreciation of its magnificence. Remind yourself of your appreciation of its natural gentleness, and that aggression in this creature is not natural. It incorporates a natural gentleness.

THERESA: Yes. I believe that.

ELIAS: Also, as you incrementally reintroduce yourself to this relationship with this creature, allow yourself to focus upon your own strength. Allow yourself to focus upon your own power and to appreciate that — not merely the creature, but also yourself. In appreciation of your own power and of yourself in your own strength, you interrupt that reinforcement of the fear. The interruption of the fear is what shall dissipate the expression of it.

Now; in this also, if you begin to experience or feel that fear again, as you begin to notice that you are beginning to feel that fear again, allow yourself to stop in that moment. Stop whatever action you are incorporating and distract your self. Incorporate a different action. It may not necessarily be an action to disengage interaction with the creature, but change your interaction with the creature momentarily. It does not require an extended time framework. A brief, momentary interruption is enough to alter the energy that you are projecting.

Also, pay attention, for in the moment that you begin to experience the fear, the creature shall immediately respond. Do not allow the response of the creature to hold your attention upon the fear reinforcing it. Intentionally generate a different action to distract your attention from that fear.

What may be a helpful action to incorporate is in the moment that you begin to experience the fear and you immediately notice an alteration in the creature’s countenance — which you shall, for they are immediate reflectors — in that moment in your distraction, allow yourself to recall yourself in moments in which you did not incorporate this fear, and the freedom that you experienced and the appreciation of your relationship that you experienced.

Appreciation is a very powerful expression and can alter the energy that you project instantaneously. It dissipates any other signal that you may express, or feeling that you may express, that you would deem to be uncomfortable or negative. It immediately alters that energy.

The tricky element in that is to actually allow yourself to generate in the moment a genuine appreciation of some element. Let me also express to you, it matters not whether you deem the appreciation to be large or small, for it matters not how you measure that expression of appreciation. In that moment, it may be no more than a visual appreciation of the sleekness of the creature. It may be no more than a glimmer of how the sun shines upon its coat. It may be an expression of appreciating that you are merely engaging presence with this creature and no other action. It may be an appreciation of yourself in how you visually perceive this creature and how wondrous that is to you. As I have stated, it matters not what you chose in the moment to be appreciating. The mere action itself is enough to dissipate the fear and to change the energy that you are projecting.

Now; let me also express to you another element of information in this, that you may not become confused in this type of interaction. For, your feelings are not always an indictor of what type of energy you are projecting. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what you are doing and what is being reflected to you. For in this, you may generate all of these steps that I have expressed to you and you may continue to feel some element of fear, but the act generating the energy of appreciation, regardless of what you continue to feel, changes the energy. As immediately as you recognize the alteration in the creature’s countenance when you project the fear, you shall also notice an immediate alteration of the creature’s countenance once you have generated the appreciation. For regardless of whether you continue to feel some element of fear, you have projected a different message to the creature, and it understands that regardless of what you are feeling, you are no longer projecting an energy of threat.

Regardless of your size and regardless of the creature’s size, as it does recognize that your strength and your power is equal to its own in energy, it does incorporate threat in relation to your energy. Just as you are perceiving a threat from the creature — which it is not projecting, but that is your perception, that you are being threatened by the creature — the threat in association with your perception in relation to the creature is its size and its physical ability to be harmful. The creature perceives an equal threat from your energy. Regardless that it incorporates greater volume than do you, it recognizes the potential that you can be equally as harmful to it, as it can be to you.

That is why it responds in the manner that it does, reflecting your energy, for you are discounting your own strength and your own power. You are experiencing a powerlessness which also generates that perception of lack of control. In generating that, you create the fear within yourself, and that projects an energy that threatens the creature.

THERESA: I understand. Shall we move to the next item?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

THERESA: For many years I’ve had a recurring dream. I still have this dream from time to time. I’m thinking that since this is a recurring dream, it must be important, and I would like to understand it.

There is a large wave of water that is putting me in danger, and in the dream, I am often running away from this wave. Once I was caught by the wave and drowned, a couple of times. In the last dream, I had a rope tied to something and I hung on to the rope and saved myself using the rope.

The dream is mildly uncomfortable and I’m wondering is this a dream that I should take literally? I do live on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. I’m looking at the ocean right now. Is there a probable reality in my future that there could be a large wave that has put me in some danger? Or is the dream more allegorical in nature, perhaps representing the new wave of consciousness that you’ve talked about, the changes in consciousness that are coming? Any information that you can give me is appreciated.

ELIAS: Very well. There are two elements associated with this dream imagery. You are correct in one, that it is imagery associated with this shift in consciousness and also with the different waves in consciousness that occur in association with this shift. For you have begun in your time, several years previous, engaging waves in consciousness that address to different belief systems.

THERESA: I have been reading about that on your website.

ELIAS: And they are quite powerful, and they are quite affecting. The wave that you are engaging presently, that which addresses to the belief system of truths, is thus far the most powerful and perhaps the most powerful of all of them that you shall engage, and has been being engaged for an ongoing time framework, and continues to be engaged, for it is a challenging action and a very powerful one. It incorporates tremendous potential for trauma, but it also incorporates tremendous potential for great liberation and freedom and tremendous alterations in your reality, individually and collectively.

That is one element of the imagery of this dream. There is another element of this dream imagery that is associated with actual experience, but not within this present focus. It is not associated with a potential of an actual wave of water within your physical location — although that could occur at any moment, depending on the collective energy of the individuals that occupy that environment, but that is not the imagery that this dream is presenting to you.

It is presenting imagery to you in conjunction with another focus that you incorporate within what you view to be the past, as an actual experience in which you did participate with a considerably large wave of water. That was the manner in which you disengaged in that focus.

Many times individuals may generate a recurring dream with the same or similar dream imagery in association with another focus, and generally, although it is not a rule, if an individual generates a recurring dream for an extended time framework, the focus that it is associated with is generally one that within your linear time would be considered the closest to your time framework now. Therefore, generally speaking, between the time that the other focus disengaged and the time in your linear terms that you emerged into your focus may have been a relatively short time framework, perhaps very few years, perhaps even less than that. In this, what occurs is your focus generates a memory of the other focus, for it is you. But within your terms, in association with time, all of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all occurring now. But in association with linear time, some of those focuses that are closely associated in time more easily bleed-through.

THERESA: So I don’t need to worry about this dream?


THERESA: I don’t need to take any action.

ELIAS: No. Actually recognizing what you are expressing to yourself in this imagery may be enough for the discontinuation of the dream. For generally speaking, with recurring dreams, once the individual incorporates an understanding of what they are presenting to themselves, what information they are presenting to themselves with that imagery, they have offered themselves the message. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to be generating that imagery.

THERESA: One more dream I had, it’s a very quick dream, that I was approaching a door and the key appeared in my hand. A voice spoke to me in the dream and it told me that this key would unlock my memories. There was a word associated with that key, and when I first woke up in the middle of the night after having that dream, I remembered what the word was and thought to myself this is very easy, I’ll remember it. So I went back to sleep, but when I woke up in the morning, I forgot. Now I’ve been racking my brains to try to think of what is the key that will unlock my memories? Is there any way you can tell me that?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This is interesting imagery that you have presented to yourself. I have myself offered this type of imagery as analogies to different individuals concerning their movement into remembrance.

Remembrance is not memory. Remembrance is what you would term to be a state of being. It is a knowing. It is the awareness of self, the awareness of not merely who you are but what you are as consciousness, as essence.

THERESA: I would really like to achieve that, and I think the dream was telling me that I can achieve that.

ELIAS: Yes, you can and so you are, in participating in this shift in consciousness. This is the point of this shift, to be moving into that remembrance and allowing yourself much more freedom in an objective manner, for your reality is expressed objectively. Therefore, the point is to be manipulating it objectively intentionally.

THERESA: That’s right. That’s my biggest heart’s desire. So, what is the key?

ELIAS: The key is widening your awareness. The key is being aware of you. The key is moving your attention from outside to inside and becoming intimately familiar with you and intimately familiar with your energy and how you manipulate that.

In this, the manner in which you accomplish this action is to become aware of your own expressed beliefs, to become aware of your own truths, which are, as I have stated many times, merely your beliefs that you have generated into absolutes, and in becoming aware of your truths and your beliefs, to not oppose them but to recognize that they incorporate many different influences, and that you incorporate the ability to choose which influences are more in keeping with your preferences, to be aware of your preferences and acknowledge them as your guidelines and acknowledge your truths as your guidelines. It is not a matter of recognizing your truths and thusly opposing them and generating the direction that you must change them for they are bad, but recognizing that they are your guidelines in how you choose to create your reality.

Being aware of yourself, of what motivates you, of what you do and how you communicate to yourself, being aware of WHAT you communicate to yourself through different avenues, these are all actions that allow you to become much more aware of you and what you are actually doing. That is the key, what you are actually doing. For the most part, generally speaking, most individuals within your reality are not generally aware of what they are actually doing. For the most part, you all incorporate being the co-pilot and not being aware of directing yourselves, which is the seat of your power and your strength, and that is what affords you your freedom.

It is not a matter of what you want from your world, or what you want from other individuals, or what you want from your creatures, or what you want outside of yourself. What you genuinely desire is to allow yourself to express you. That is what you genuinely want, for that is what you generally deny.

THERESA: We generally deny our own self-expression?


THERESA: Can you give me an example? Because I’m not sure I see how I am doing that.

ELIAS: Offer me an example of any time you hesitate.

THERESA: I see, hesitation. Well, I can offer you one example, and I’ve been trying to recognize more impulses. You talk about following your impulses.


THERESA: I can give you one example that might be an impulse, but I’m not sure.

ELIAS: Very well.

THERESA: As you know, we have horses. One of our horses is pregnant and is going to have a baby in a couple of months. We recently bought a new horse for my husband. We were both feeling very good about this purchase. We were getting ready to bring the new horse home, and out of the blue — of course, I know that nothing is out of the blue — but seemingly out of the blue, I got a phone call from a friend who said, “Oh, you should be careful, because there is this outbreak of a disease, and if you bring a new horse here you could endanger the unborn baby.” And I thought this seems to be a message from the universe, because obviously nothing is coincidence. I create my own reality, so I must have created that message.

So I did a little research and I thought about it. I tried to feel inside, how did I feel about it, and the feeling I got inside was that it was safe, that it was safe to bring this new horse home and that I didn’t have to worry. So we made that decision.

The very next day I got another phone call. This time from my vet, because I had called my vet and the vet said yes, there is a slight risk and blah, blah, blah. But the vet called me back and said, “You know the risk is really more than I thought.” I also got a letter in the mail talking about this disease and how dangerous it was. So I’m thinking to myself that my impulse was that this was a safe thing to do, but I’ve gotten three messages from the universe that I didn’t ask for that are pointing to danger. So which should I listen to?

ELIAS: Listen to you — and you did not receive three messages from the universe. You generated those three messages in association with your own fear, which we have been discussing in this conversation.

THERESA: It’s hard for me to know. I know that I create the reality, but did I create that reality... It wasn’t in my conscious mind that there was any danger.


THERESA: It seemed like it was coming from...

ELIAS: But also you are generating the fear. Therefore, that fear may be translated in different manners.

Objective imagery is abstract. You may be generating one subject and creating many, many, many different expressions of that. It may materialize in many different forms. What is important to pay attention to is your own communications to yourself and to be aware of what you are doing.

In this, as I have expressed to you in your inquiry how do you generate that freedom, how do you move into the actualization of your genuine desire to be more aware, this is the manner in which you generate that, by paying attention to what you are actually doing or what you are not doing. And DOING is not necessarily merely expressed in physical action, for doing is also expressed in what type of energy you are projecting.

Remember, feeling is not always an indicator of what you are actually projecting. You may not be feeling fear, and you may continue to be projecting it.

THERESA: That’s really difficult to deal with that, then.

ELIAS: You may also be feeling the fear, as we discussed in the previous example, and not actually be projecting that energy. It is a matter of being aware of what you are doing and what your general expression is. If you are incorporating fear and you are noticing that you are incorporating fear consistently, you may assure yourself that even in the moments that you are not feeling that fear, you are most likely continuing to express that type of energy because you have not addressed to it.

THERESA: And addressing to it means noticing it and paying attention to what we are doing.

ELIAS: Not opposing!

THERESA: Not opposing but recognizing.

ELIAS: Correct.

THERESA: And just having that expanded awareness and then making a choice, recognizing that we have choices.

ELIAS: And generating appreciation.

THERESA: And generating appreciation, and trying to foster a feeling of self-confidence.

ELIAS: Not trying, DOING. Trying is discounting. Trying is an automatic expression that you cannot accomplish; therefore, you must try, for you do not trust yourself that you incorporate the ability to accomplish. Therefore, you merely try. And in this, do not try, do.

THERESA: I think we have enough time to briefly talk about the health issue that I wanted to discuss today. For about twenty years, I have suffered from a very minor condition that gives me sporadic burning pain, and it comes and goes. Mostly I’m pain free. Lately, I’ve started deciding that I really want to get rid of this pain. Even though it’s not serious, it’s unpleasant. I’ve been taking some actions in terms of trying some herbal remedies and changing diet. The diet, even though I didn’t think it would work, seems to be working.

My question is, I thought about this disease, and what is that mirroring? Since I created this disease, because I create my reality, I recognize that I created it, and it mirrors something. Everything that is outside of us mirrors something within us. So I thought about this disease, and since it is a burning pain, I thought perhaps it mirrors irritations, frustrations, anger. When I thought about it, I realized I have experienced a fair amount of those feelings, more in the past, less now. I still feel them occasionally but not very often.

What I’m hoping is that perhaps you can tell me if I have changed, which I believe that I have, my general emotional countenance or vibration, and then perhaps this disease is not needed anymore and I can let it go, which would be really, really, really nice. If that’s the case, is the diet and the herbal remedy...? I know you are going to say that any path works if you believe in it, but is that a reasonable path? My assumption with it is that there is some type of a fungal infection that is part of this disease process and that the diet and herbal remedies will kill off this fungus. Therefore, there is hope for me that I can get rid of this pain. Any information you can get for me on this topic is greatly appreciated.

ELIAS: I may express to you first of all yes, you can dissipate this manifestation, and yes, you are altering it. Partially you are correct in association with what has motivated its creation, but not merely associated with frustration or anger or anxiety, but also at times associated with denied passion.

THERESA: Oh, that’s interesting. I would not have guessed that.

ELIAS: Which is also a strong expression, and you generate somewhat of a negative association with strong expressions, whether it be anxiety or frustration or anger or fear or even passion. For passion can be a strongly expressed energy, and there is a similar association to that as with the other expressions. Therefore, there is an automatic response to deny that. In denying it, that also generates a similar expression of the physical manifestation.

THERESA: So the best advice you can give me in order to get rid of the physical manifestation would be...?

ELIAS: Continue in the direction that you have incorporated with your choice of diet, for it is offering you a method in which you are paying attention to you. It is also offering you a method in which you are paying attention to you in a different manner. You are not concentrating as much upon the dis-ease as you are upon not creating it or remedying it. In that, you are affecting of it, for you are shifting your concentration. Rather than opposing it, you are merely engaging a different direction, and in that different direction, you are incorporating a method that you view as beneficial. Whereas, previously you have incorporated directions that have been expressly in opposition to the physical manifestation, which merely perpetuates your concentration upon it, which perpetuates the creation of it.

In this, I also shall acknowledge you that you have altered you energy considerably, and in paying more attention to yourself and in widening your awareness and offering yourself more information, you have allowed yourself much more calm and much more ease than you have previously within your focus. That has become more familiar to you, and therefore, it is easier to express. What may have been previously the most familiar to you in generating agitation has now become somewhat unfamiliar to you. The unfamiliar has become the familiar, which is also an action of shifting. (Chuckles)

THERESA: Well, I’m glad to hear that. I appreciate you telling me that. Is there anything else that you would like to tell me on this topic or any other topic? We only have a short time left.

ELIAS: I shall remind you to be playful. That is very significant, for that shall allow you to engage these different directions with less apprehension and allow you an easier manner of accomplishing.

View your reality as a game, for in actuality, it is. You chose this exploration as a game. In that, whatever you manifest within it is an element of the game. It is an element of the exploration, and that is the point. This is the nature of consciousness, continuous exploration, continuous expansion, continuously creating new and generating more and more wonders, and you are entirely capable of creating more and more wonders, my friend.

THERESA: I thank you very, very much again for your time.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Remember that appreciation.

THERESA: I will.

ELIAS: I offer to you MY appreciation of you, and perhaps it shall incorporate some helpfulness in you appreciating you also.

THERESA: Thank you. I will do my best on that. (Both laugh) I will do it!

ELIAS: Very well, my friend! I am greatly encouraging of you. In this, I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall be offering my energy to you in support and encouragement and perhaps occasional reminders of playfulness!

THERESA: Thank you again.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express to you great affection and friendship. To you in fondness, my new friend, au revoir.

THERESA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour.