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Alphabetical Index

DreamDream WalkersDualityDuplicity
Session 1008Hathor - an interpretation
Session 1032blinking out the book temporarily into another dimension
Session 1044Did my money go into another dimension?
Session 1045allowing yourself to experience other areas of consciousness
Session 1049translations in association with bleed-throughs of other dimensions
Session 1058so it's just about attention?
Session 1064The Lord of the Rings
Session 1087the recognition of dimensions within dimensions
Session 1087aspects of my focus in Elias' dimension
Session 1169a veil in association with another physical dimension
Session 1183discovery of a Lumanian archeological site
Session 1191your translation in objective imagery is to image these beings as bears
Session 1218recognition that there is more that occupies your space arrangement
Session 1293I was moving muscles in my back or in my wings
Session 1295Vampires
Session 1297The Gelatin Dimension
Session 1332a meadow as a dimensional window
Session 1340I’m more comfortable in some of those other dimensions than I am here?
Session 1349experience with my fluid focus
Session 1352facilitating travel associated with different physical dimensions
Session 1423The land with the rainbows and the unicorns, is that another dimension?
Session 1424cartoon dimension: a translation
Session 1434other civilizations in our dimension
Session 1447how can I determine what's being distorted?
Session 1449gods and goddesses are real within another dimension
Session 1449Stargate
Session 1490Enki - bleed-through information from other dimensions
Session 1506I’m pulling information from that dimension, aren’t I, when I create a story?
Session 1556within this space arrangement there are dimensions upon dimensions
Session 157how many?
Session 1661the Vedic civilization has generated an imprint in your reality
Session 1685even the blueprint can be changed
Session 1727communications from other dimensions
Session 182cellular memory of other dimensions
Session 226projecting through space
Session 2281Lord of the Rings, Dune, Earthsea
Session 2353shape-shifting beings
Session 238sideways not higher
Session 2390a society of merchants or traders of knowledge, explorers of dimensions
Session 2544popping yourself into an other-dimensional reality
Session 2992there is much more within your reality than you are aware of
Session 3081thinning those veils between dimensions
Session 339going to another dimension
Session 346blinking in and out
Session 425dragons live in other dimensions
Session 569which one is most fun?
Session 71blinking into
Session 753dreaming of other dimensions
Session 832your dimension is not your planet but your universe
Session 883ringing ears: opening to other aspects of yourself
Session 942Elias' dimension and experience
Session 958exploration of other-dimensional expressions
Session 970The colonies are more feeling like one entity.
Session 989intricacy of this dimension