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Alphabetical Index

DreamDream WalkersDualityDuplicity
Session 1045I could hear the Dream Walkers talking
Session 1078difference between nonphysical essences and Dream Walkers
Session 1203Dreamwalkers set a blueprint for this physical dimension
Session 1221do Dreamwalkers specialize with their family intent?
Session 1227Milumet imagery for my Dreamwalker
Session 1234exploration of the tone of your Dreamwalker aspects as a group
Session 1246the movement of essence into an actual physical manifestation
Session 1250is this aspect involved in forming canyons and/or mountains?
Session 1278choosing to be incorporating a Dream Walker aspect
Session 1285participation of creating a blueprint for another reality
Session 140before the beginning
Session 1410conceptualization of thought
Session 208intents
Session 2232it is difficult to explain the precise actions of Dreamwalkers
Session 237give information
Session 237essence not focus
Session 238Vold
Session 242Ilda
Session 242Sumari/Sumafi interaction
Session 246Session 246: Dream Walker Interaction/Sumari
Session 280Atlantis
Session 292fragmenting into physically-focused essences
Session 298guiders
Session 300Seer
Session 305guidance
Session 374Seers / fragmentation
Session 376holding an aspect of
Session 650and essence families
Session 72consciousness body
Session 781Mythology: a Dream Walker reality?
Session 956creating an exploration in an expression of translucence