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DreamDream WalkersDualityDuplicity
Session 1010dream portals, dream triggers
Session 1011dream imagery to be experiencing an aspect of clarity
Session 1012addressing to fear
Session 1020allowing yourself to view choices
Session 1033you begin generating a type of awareness within the action of dreaming
Session 1042allowing yourself to view different potentials
Session 1047you create a distinction between your dream state and your waking stat
Session 1057water as a dream trigger
Session 1061viewing your objective waking imagery as dream imagery
Session 1061you discontinued the fascination with dream imagery
Session 1080the reality of simultaneousness of time
Session 1082I wanted to meet my love
Session 109symbols
Session 1093interaction with an essence is much easier within dream state
Session 111probable self
Session 1121allowing yourselves to NOT incorporate an expression within waking sta
Session 113participation in an alternate reality
Session 1131bridging the gap between the dreaming and the waking world
Session 1142the representation of the partial body is that of the relationship
Session 1144I was offered three gifts
Session 115being eaten by an alligator
Session 1170You said to me, 'Laura, there are no absolutes.'
Session 1171lucid dreaming
Session 1175a dream that we locked her in the house or in her room
Session 1176in the dream I was cleaning out two of the arteries on my heart
Session 1182We can also change the genetic information of our body?
Session 1191dream imagery associated with another focus
Session 1213contacting each other in dreams
Session 1218altering the slepping pattern offers you more activity in dream imagery
Session 1225water, fire, Ozzy Osbourne concert
Session 1226imagery concerning familiarity and trust and impossibility
Session 1228I do notice I get bruises from my dreams!
Session 1231imagery fluctuates and may incorporate different associations
Session 1261inspiration of what you may create in this focus
Session 1262much of your dream imagery IS symbolic
Session 1269Was this a probable future event or just an alternate self?
Session 1277a symbolic message to yourself concerning living artfully
Session 1310imagery associated with yourself now and allowing yourself to expand
Session 1311dream imagery concerning actions of being intrusive
Session 1339false awakenings
Session 1347dream trigger: repeated views of forms of writing
Session 135creating within regional Area 2
Session 1363aspects of two separate dreams in my objective reality
Session 138dream trigger
Session 139filtration through belief systems
Session 139changing imagery
Session 139Session 139: Dream Mission
Session 1402lucid dreams may be helpful in understanding your objective expressions
Session 1433altering your sleep patterns to be recalling dreams
Session 1448skip
Session 145essences representing themselves as colours
Session 151vs. waking state
Session 1516the imagery of the dream may be viewed as the reverse
Session 1521do not necessarily look to the dream imagery as literal
Session 1521incorporating enough objective awareness to manipulate the dream
Session 156interaction with infants
Session 157intentional direction
Session 1573dreams are objective imagery as a translation of the subjective action
Session 1587Is the window one of my dream triggers?
Session 1587scenarios where it is more difficult to be altering the imagery
Session 1664a dream where I have a host family is usually an other-dimensional dream
Session 1678Gates of Horn
Session 1690visiting other focuses of yourself
Session 1705what can I do to improve my skill to dream consciously?
Session 171acceptance of any imagery
Session 1710three notable layers of this imagery
Session 1727dreams about balance, imagination and power
Session 1736a recurring dream with the same or similar dream imagery
Session 1755desire to generate more awareness of dream activity
Session 1770you are able to accomplish the same actions within waking imagery
Session 1771How do I do a dream trigger?
Session 1773your dream imagery is equally as real as your waking imagery
Session 179Indian cult
Session 1796imagery is a translation of what is occurring subjectively
Session 1832be aware, not necessarily “beware”
Session 184repeating dream imagery
Session 1845you allow the subjective awareness to address to the situation
Session 1859an actual interaction and a projection of energy
Session 1984the information in this type of dream activity is not necessary to be translated
Session 2049dream imagery and thought mechanism
Session 2153three spiders, being creativity, talent and ability
Session 2208reviewing your dream imagery
Session 221affecting objective reality
Session 222imagery is translation
Session 228daydreaming
Session 2347meeting in dream state
Session 237dream missions
Session 237remembering
Session 237take place within space
Session 237dream trigger
Session 241Sumafi/Marta
Session 2722I already assess within the dream what I’m experiencing
Session 275dream triggers
Session 292dreams of flying
Session 3021Dreams are the subjective awareness generating activity in benefit to you
Session 309dream cycles
Session 326what you do not allow yourself objectively
Session 388dream trigger
Session 398less memory
Session 401dream trigger
Session 416an evaluation
Session 426reasons in lack of memory
Session 436blueprints for your waking reality
Session 498dream country
Session 511experiencing fear in dream state
Session 516manipulating energy within sleep state
Session 532dream trigger
Session 568precognition
Session 583other layers of imagery
Session 590fear/control
Session 623dream trigger
Session 628Gates of Horn
Session 635the City
Session 64incorporating physical action
Session 661leg cramp
Session 662snakes
Session 674Gates of Horn
Session 68concern about uncomfortable dream
Session 689objective recognition
Session 71You never speak nothing to yourself
Session 714exposure
Session 720dream and waking imagery
Session 730dream trigger: a stove
Session 74dream levels
Session 753symbology/known realities
Session 790you turn your attention once again back to yourself
Session 793awareness of your own projections
Session 793werewolf dream
Session 829water as dream trigger
Session 843Gates of Horn
Session 849dream trigger
Session 85dream consciousness
Session 868lack of color: engaging an alternate self
Session 870tornados
Session 875dream state may be viewed as the dominant expression in non-physical f
Session 890you may also allow yourself the freedom of choice
Session 893creating in dream state and objectively in waking state
Session 908why I'm not having an awareness of my dreams after I wake up
Session 908a view of a different probability
Session 91city
Session 91Jene: dream artist
Session 92the subjective self speaks to you
Session 92first step to direct dreams
Session 931dream: taking care of a baby
Session 944imagery of allowing yourself acceptance of you
Session 952dreams about attending classes about consciousness themes
Session 960dream imagery: paying attention to you
Session 988toilet as dream trigger
Session 997you concern yourself with the perceptions of other individuals
Session 998imagery within your dream state in mirror of the waking objective imag