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Session 1020the signal of disappointment or anxiety: you are discounting of yourse
Session 1055paying attention to the often-ness of your discounting of yourself
Session 1097being accepting in the moment
Session 1098comparison is quite discounting
Session 1111your choices in this situation are not without purpose or benefit
Session 1235the identification of hurt
Session 1292an attempt to discontinue the discounting of yourself
Session 1306Why am I allowing myself to discount myself so much?
Session 1325rather than struggling with that discounting of yourself, acknowledge it
Session 1338imagine yourself to be standing upon a game board
Session 1398how are you discounting yourself if you know a better method?
Session 1519DO NOT follow that with “I should not be thinking this way”
Session 1615embarrassment
Session 1703Oh, shit! A test question!
Session 1719Note that! That is one discounting.
Session 1742in your denial of yourself, you precisely create a reflecting scenario
Session 1769...and I was physically harming myself.
Session 1820compromise does not create what you want
Session 1842discounting yourself more because you are discounting yourself
Session 1845difference between discounting yourself and merely noticing an expectation
Session 1852compromise is a dangerous avenue. It is a discounting of you
Session 2116you attempt to fill the void with the assertiveness
Session 2189beginning acknowledging yourself rather than discrediting yourself
Session 2886circle of threat and discounting
Session 868I'm always tripping or dropping or hitting
Session 931discounting of yourself
Session 953you incorporate this expression of sarcasm as a discounting