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SuicideSumafiSumariSupportivenessSweala and Grelko
Session 1002becoming intimate with self
Session 1021hold your attention within self, but also interact
Session 1024also simultaneously paying attention to yourself
Session 1030incorporate some action of your appreciation of self
Session 1143my desire to express self
Session 1166focusing on self is quite unfamiliar
Session 1176you must recognize where your attention is
Session 1280there is no other you that is creating your reality
Session 1447focusing on self - being aware of what type of energy you are expressi
Session 1515genuine selfishness
Session 155ego
Session 170subconsciousness
Session 1913concerning yourself with how you are being perceived by other individuals
Session 2004You did create a probable self.
Session 245separation of self
Session 2689genuine discovery of self, of what YOU genuinely are interested in and like
Session 2833What is my genuine self?
Session 319connecting with self
Session 332there is no higher self
Session 350Majesty: imagery of a wolf
Session 372focusing upon self
Session 403focusing upon self
Session 438turning to self in excess
Session 457outside - inside of self
Session 572turn your attention to self
Session 696the other individual is an unexpressed aspect of self
Session 730reflections of self
Session 79seeks expression
Session 824creating an actual intimacy with self
Session 86every age its own self
Session 951paying attention to your perception of your participation
Session 990some aspect that may be guiding or moving you