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SuicideSumafiSumariSupportivenessSweala and Grelko
Session 1272a sensitivity to smell
Session 1377Are the senses themselves beliefs?
Session 1447can I move my attention to the expressway and not hear it?
Session 1568incorporating different senses in projection
Session 1685your physical senses are not required to create
Session 1744I hear this high-pitched sound mostly in my left ear.
Session 1755I seem to have some degree of hearing loss
Session 1960what you incorporate the ability to see is related to what incorporates solidity
Session 202heightened senses
Session 2220an excuse not to hear what you do not want to hear
Session 2722your translation of an individual’s energy through smell
Session 282smells
Session 3021your senses are designed to input information to you in absolute terms
Session 3043your reactions are triggered by your senses
Session 3052triggering feelings associated with past experiences
Session 307mass belief system of scents
Session 65senses create your reality
Session 739eyes
Session 95audible expression is creating