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SleepSoulSoul mateSource eventSpace
SpiritualitySplinterSpontaneityStone circlesStrange feelings
SuicideSumafiSumariSupportivenessSweala and Grelko
Session 1073laws of physics changing
Session 109particles and probabilities
Session 1162you are creating equipment that produces things from nothing
Session 1240if the speed of light is not a constant
Session 133evolution
Session 133Do not be discounting of all of your scientific information
Session 135are relative to physical focus
Session 1448two dimensions of time
Session 1524the rapid movement of energy and time create the appearance of solidity
Session 1537the purpose of dark energy
Session 1605playing with mathematics
Session 162measuring subjective activity
Session 1661Aurora Borealis
Session 179Planks time a blink?
Session 1796discovery of the south Atlantic anomaly portal
Session 1832bending time to allow you to move from one dimension to another
Session 1847asteroids, meteorites and stardust
Session 2049thought is not merely generated by the functioning of your physical brain
Session 2126science discounts perception as the main factor in physical reality
Session 221Session 221: Photons & Slits
Session 226slits
Session 2284Whatever the speed of light is is created by your perception.
Session 233using ionized cadmium
Session 237probable worlds
Session 2377new revelations will be when they factor into their equations perception
Session 238subatomic
Session 251Session 251: The Physics of Norm
Session 252second law of thermal dynamics
Session 2586neurophone device
Session 280Philadelphia experiment
Session 291laws of physics
Session 297time creating mass
Session 3062inventions are successful for they are channeling energy
Session 329Session 329: There Is No Separation
Session 359Mathematics and duplicity
Session 493perennial philosophy
Session 509Norms experiment
Session 549an expanding universe?
Session 677Tachyon energy: physical reconstruction of consciousness
Session 715merging science and spirituality
Session 789psychology
Session 867salt crystal sole-source generator for electricity
Session 943consciousness is not electromagnetic energy