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DreamDream WalkersDualityDuplicity
Session 1082it is unnecessary to be engaging discussion of your preference
Session 1189bringing together different spheres, different realms
Session 1240acceptance of the differences of perceptions
Session 1304cooperation vs. compromise: similarities in the differences
Session 1336differences do not necessarily generate odds
Session 1465There is a lack of compassion for difference.
Session 1468considerable frustration and conflict in association with difference
Session 1542addressing to differences
Session 1558if you are not generating sameness you shall be expressing conflict
Session 1623examining differences of experiences
Session 1658This is the expression of acceptance of difference.
Session 1724Fairness is just your perception
Session 1742the most challenging experience with the truth wave is difference
Session 1780what is considerate is associated with their own worth
Session 1786What triggers that irritation?
Session 1787generate an appreciation in some manner of the differences that you hold
Session 2272How do you yourself see yourself?
Session 2482when you present differences to yourself, the threat is your identity
Session 3043difficulty with guidelines is that they have turned to expectations
Session 651sameness and difference
Session 816allow yourself to move beyond the difference
Session 817within the differences there is similarity
Session 851acceptance of difference
Session 972offering yourself information concerning sameness and difference