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SpiritualitySplinterSpontaneityStone circlesStrange feelings
SuicideSumafiSumariSupportivenessSweala and Grelko
Session 100is not a Source event
Session 1006science and shift
Session 1021turn your attention to yourselves now to avoid expressions of trauma
Session 1032acceleration translates into some type of objective imagery
Session 1042you are UNBOUNDED
Session 1045the wondrousness of yourselves and of your expressions
Session 1052you are shifting to a female energy expression
Session 1053the allowance of free expression of self in preference
Session 1058creating a powerful expression of your energy in interconnectedness
Session 106awareness of
Session 106Session 185:Room 106
Session 1064our dimension now is more connecting with nonphysical dimensions
Session 1066trusting your expressions, your communications, your choices
Session 1073allowing yourselves to view that the impossible is not impossible
Session 1077there is trauma being expressed en masse and individually
Session 109you may awaken one day
Session 1104You are becoming aware objectively that beliefs are not truths
Session 1115now you are moving your attentions to yourselves individually
Session 1116You have shifted. You have altered your perception.
Session 1125the entirety of your world is participating in this shift in conscious
Session 1135younger individuals allow themselves a clearer objective recognition
Session 115remanifesting within the shift
Session 1153addressing to your most familiar expressions
Session 1154your perceptions are shifting in recognizing that the familiar is restricting
Session 1164experiencing scatteredness and in some moments tremendous clarity
Session 1169the desire has shifted to the unfamiliar
Session 1177expressing yourself as essence
Session 1178masses of individuals choose not to be objectively physically participating
Session 1196allowing yourself many different directions of attention simultaneously
Session 1201a desire to be holding to the familiar in fear of the unfamiliar
Session 1205your movement now is to be focusing your attention upon you
Session 1209offering yourself more of a flexibility of your attention in this focus
Session 1216time is accelerating within your physical reality
Session 1290the significance of becoming familiar with you
Session 1295some expressions of energy appear smaller, but may be very powerful
Session 1300It is changing from the intellect to the intuition
Session 1339Jane Roberts’ Codicils
Session 136counterpart group action
Session 1368your own involuntary victims are eliminated
Session 1398every individual upon your planet may access information
Session 1414events to examine very strongly expressed mass beliefs
Session 1420you genuinely are listening to yourself and trusting yourself
Session 1426Why would an individual choose to disengage from the Shift?
Session 1446throughout your world individuals are incorporating the concept of a shift
Session 145less traumatic
Session 1491the point in this shift is not to be nonphysical
Session 1499Has anyone accepted themselves yet?
Session 1537mass dis-engagement
Session 1550brain capacity between fifteen and twenty percent now
Session 1555whatever choices you are engaging, you are generating intentionally
Session 1569expectations of oneself in association with this shift
Session 1573this shift is not an event of itself, it is an action that each individual is cr
Session 1586For if there is completion, what more shall you explore?
Session 1596each essence family takes a turn in leading the influencing of the Shift
Session 160Session 160: The Shift
Session 1602recognizing energy much more clearly
Session 1603your evidence to yourself of how much you are actually shifting
Session 1604I shall not express that you are generating a direction of creating a utopia
Session 1606offering yourself these quantities of information objectively
Session 162concerning all individuals
Session 1639economy and exchange shall be quite different
Session 164movement within consciousness
Session 1658you eradicate the role of the victim
Session 1669moving closer to the perception and the reality that you are not acquiring
Session 167being instrumental within all of your societies and establishments
Session 1685Have I shifted?
Session 1731shifting the emphasis from authorities to the individual
Session 174information of subjective activity
Session 1742the power of the individual is tremendous and very significant
Session 1746Why the many references to the year 2011?
Session 1769this struggling is an indicator that you are generating significant movement
Session 1774the element of exchange shall be recognized as unnecessary
Session 178Session 178: Belief Systems/The Shift
Session 1781redefining your societies and the structure of them
Session 179public expansion
Session 1799is there a tribe who have made more movement in the Shift?
Session 1801the shift is not a matter of a mass event
Session 181practising the action of the shift
Session 1838Abraham may not necessarily be focused upon the action of this shift
Session 1862generating no necessity for authority
Session 196unstoppable?
Session 199massive wave dealing with acceptance
Session 203going with the wave
Session 215expressing without objective awareness
Session 216Session:216: Shift Happens
Session 219renewed zeal of life
Session 2227The Progress Paradox
Session 262beginning 600 years ago
Session 2658the body consciousness does not incorporate a reference of experience
Session 2689generating new experiences
Session 270overview
Session 2722stripping away many of the veils of association of outside influences
Session 2730a new recognition and definition of identity
Session 278experience all of the actions of the shift now
Session 2817it is so foreign to what you know now in your reality
Session 284Strange Times
Session 286acceleration
Session 2969the greater conflict scenario is attempting to override their own guidelines
Session 3021to allow yourselves greater fields of exploration
Session 3052If you were to replace the term ‘shift’ with another word it could be ’choice’.
Session 3087shift from the male energy to the female energy is not a matter of gender
Session 314Session 314: At Play in the Battlefield of the Shift
Session 324following yourself
Session 328speed
Session 336small tribe in South America
Session 340guide vs. teacher
Session 346geographical locations
Session 355sun cruisers
Session 361you are waging a battle
Session 379materializing a turkey dinner
Session 385all of you have asked
Session 390remembrance and acceptance of belief systems
Session 395final year of your millenium
Session 407trauma/coming change in currency
Session 422it is not that this shift shall happen TO you
Session 441the entirety of your reality is altering
Session 444many individuals are choosing to be disengaging
Session 454a breakpoint in belief-systems
Session 459Y2k
Session 486numbness/insensitivity
Session 502bird imagery
Session 510Millennium
Session 510a mission?
Session 513an unusual creation
Session 514time frame?
Session 516restlessness
Session 530the physical insertion of the shift
Session 546symbology of birds crashing into window
Session 547tapping into energy in movement
Session 550striving vs. being
Session 556solidly in the supermarket
Session 557timing
Session 565piercing the veils
Session 576physical/nonphysical veils
Session 580waves of consciousness
Session 590surge of energy
Session 600mirroring the birth of the shift
Session 615you are inserting this shift
Session 616shifty insanity
Session 617your reality is quite crowded
Session 633actualizing more objectively
Session 637creating a wondrous abandon
Session 646an explosion of freedom
Session 653how you are affecting
Session 671the confusion accelerates
Session 674inability to focus
Session 689redefining yourself
Session 69exploring inside
Session 706and transition
Session 709shift book
Session 756redefining the function of thought
Session 783attempting to be balancing both realms
Session 788acceptance of yourselves in ALL of your expressions
Session 797intimacy with self
Session 809tremendous significance of holding your attention upon self
Session 820you are already collectively bending time
Session 837monetary exchange after the shift
Session 837children of the shift
Session 841how is this shift affecting me?
Session 851girls checking in with Elias
Session 854shifting from the expression of male to female
Session 856NOT expressing drama you continue your movement
Session 857your attention may move in more than one direction
Session 857altering the solidity of the familiar reality
Session 86more in tune
Session 863appreciation for your abilities and self and the freedom
Session 869redefining of terms: love, compassion, acceptance
Session 88master events
Session 880restlessness and frustration in young people
Session 883you are engaging familiar subjects in unfamiliar manners
Session 889moving yourselves from the familiar into the unfamiliar
Session 894struggling with the actual redefining of your reality
Session 905lessening trauma in the shift
Session 912Why did the WTC event occur?
Session 917you alter and bend time and you accelerate time
Session 937the attention is turning to the individuals
Session 938How shall you insert the shift?
Session 952bird imagery
Session 963Scientific proof of global consciousness may be emerging
Session 968potential to reconfigure certain aspects of your physical universe
Session 97probabilities
Session 975the shift is not an event and it is accomplished by each individual
Session 99trauma of widening
Session 992This shift shifts the energy to the female expression.
Session 992you are not paying attention to the evidence exhibited within you