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DreamDream WalkersDualityDuplicity
Session 1003feet and leg cramps
Session 1012eczema
Session 1029generating asthma in association with your restriction of yourself
Session 1042holding to your energy or constricting it
Session 1049I read in your material, and then I noticed the headache had gone
Session 1073acne
Session 1082you create the fatigue to allow yourself to relax
Session 1088reason for the manifestation may change
Session 1107seeking medical treatment or not
Session 1109interpreting the message of physical symptoms
Session 1112sprained ankle: slow your movement
Session 1116as you concentrate upon the dis-ease, you perpetuate creating it
Session 1123tooth imagery - expressing yourself without restriction
Session 1123toothache
Session 1131affectingnesses
Session 1143interpreting physical symptoms
Session 1162pneumonia
Session 1173depression: feeling of overwhelmingness
Session 1176offering a preparation and reason and excuse for disengagement
Session 1190incorporating distraction, you may notice that the pain shall dissipate
Session 1196a gastro-intestinal problem
Session 1198pain within the stomach
Session 1201allow yourself an awareness of your participation in interaction
Session 1209tension in my right foot
Session 1227Alzheimer
Session 1236a stroke - a new perception of yourself
Session 1248symptoms like this pain in my feet
Session 1249I don’t believe it
Session 1270allow yourself to interrupt your concentration upon it
Session 1272breast cancer
Session 1278asthma - this is closely associated with preferences
Session 1289a pinched nerve
Session 1294that whole getting-kicked-in-the-hand thing
Session 1313a tumor as a gauge
Session 1327breathing
Session 1338suggestion to not be concentrating upon the manifestation
Session 1347acid reflux
Session 1348weight loss - more of a lightness within yourself
Session 135tinnitus
Session 1388allergies - unsure of where you want to be
Session 1395back pain
Session 1395pain in the knee
Session 1405throat: a threat if other individuals are expressing difference
Session 1419the vulnerability and exposure of a weak point
Session 1421my Achilles tendons are very stiff: imagery concerning vulnerability
Session 1424drama that incorporates dis-ease to be accomplishing what you want
Session 1433left big toe joint
Session 1443hurting heel: associated with the exposure and the vulnerability
Session 1454hemorrhoids
Session 1457aching hips
Session 1461birth defect - genuinely experiencing actual real supportiveness
Session 1464allergies
Session 1469hepatitis
Session 1470circle of the breathing and the discounting of yourself, and the isolation
Session 1494a big fever blister
Session 1518coughing imagery
Session 1524there are no attacking germs that infect you from outside!
Session 1525showing me that I do have the ability to affect it
Session 1533skin problem
Session 1545the belief that there are certain manifestations that are hereditary
Session 1553what is the underlying expression that continues to perpetuate it?
Session 1569expressing that gentleness and that nurturing with yourself
Session 1571teeth: relaxing of these muscles within the neck that are irritating the nerve
Session 1587panic attacks
Session 1591you do not like it and you automatically are forcing energy in opposition to it
Session 1596belief. once it is begun it must continue through its natural course
Session 1600Any physical feeling requires attention.
Session 1617truths concerning methods and concerning medical practices
Session 1632stomach pains
Session 1653if I don’t have my attention on that part of my body I’m not creating symptoms
Session 1667chest congestion
Session 167multiple personalities
Session 1671exploring a symptom
Session 1690very high and unstable blood pressure
Session 1696the lump is a choice of a manifestation that is a type of focal point
Session 1704This liver thing is really freaking me out here
Session 171accident
Session 1717oposing medical beliefs
Session 1736rather than opposing it, you are merely engaging a different direction
Session 1750opposing myself or opposing medical beliefs?
Session 1761What I couldn’t understand was why I would create cancer.
Session 1762cancer: you can actually manipulate it
Session 1774as a means to practice with manipulating your energy
Session 1784inner landscape
Session 1786back imagery - the importance of paying attention to what you are doing
Session 1809how can I lessen my headaches? - Stop opposing
Session 1810creating pain generates a genuine presence with yourself
Session 1821I kind of hold their energy there
Session 1829asthma
Session 1841heel pain
Session 1844skin - be aware of anxiety, nervousness, restlessness
Session 1855leg is hurting
Session 1860sneezing all the time
Session 1864head-ache: you are pushing energy
Session 1864asthma: a physical indicator that you are restricting your energy
Session 191asthma
Session 191jumpy legs
Session 196AIDS
Session 1998neck and back ache
Session 202asthma
Session 210anorexia
Session 214neck ache
Session 227cancer
Session 2340in restricting yourself you create physical manifestations
Session 239skin
Session 244back
Session 2550allow yourself to generate a nurturing and a gentle energy with yourself
Session 256asthma
Session 271asthma
Session 2730is your fear stronger than your intuition?
Session 274hives
Session 276hurting foot
Session 277shoulder
Session 2886Why I cannot heal a small dysfunction with my body consciousness?
Session 289back hurt
Session 292dis-eases affecting gender organs
Session 2978types of possibly destructive physical manifestations
Session 298cure for Alzheimers
Session 3062stomach
Session 3081physical expressions and importance that certain issues hold
Session 313throat
Session 315ringing in the ears
Session 319back
Session 338asthma
Session 342foot and back
Session 350not moving perfectly
Session 356multiple sclerosis
Session 358milk allergy
Session 360allergies
Session 365teeth
Session 368viruses / malaria
Session 369nervous leg
Session 371heart
Session 376heart /sexuality
Session 382toothache
Session 386elbow
Session 391back
Session 392menopause
Session 396stomach pains
Session 400permission to receive
Session 408back / balance
Session 416back
Session 425dandruff
Session 426asthma
Session 432kidney
Session 446you are creating a continuous battle
Session 453AIDS / immune system
Session 460bellies and rashes
Session 469back
Session 472sick for many years
Session 480backache - get new shoes
Session 491toes
Session 492back
Session 492bumps on hand
Session 502seizures
Session 504hearing difficulties / stroke
Session 505toe
Session 524cold
Session 532polio
Session 536numbness
Session 544illness and control
Session 550sinuses
Session 553finger
Session 581stuffed-up nose
Session 590constriction of breathing
Session 610throat
Session 622bladder
Session 638cancer
Session 659mobility
Session 665ailments: focusing on self
Session 679seizures/blinking out
Session 68heart disease
Session 681rashes
Session 682asthma
Session 697arthritis
Session 701fingertips
Session 721shoulder
Session 725bypass
Session 730knee
Session 732herpes
Session 738acne and varicose veins
Session 744back pain
Session 746groin area / sciatic nerve
Session 759sinuses/allergy
Session 763leg / aging
Session 765uterus
Session 767cramping
Session 773tumor - slowing your own movement
Session 790Fry syndrome
Session 798dependent upon where your attention is
Session 799cyst
Session 800back
Session 805cancer: helpfulness in merely accepting the choice
Session 814shoulder - anger
Session 817back pain
Session 827shins and ankles
Session 834in time frameworks of dissatisfaction
Session 839altering a physical expression
Session 848expression of blinking
Session 855shade under my eyes
Session 870stiff neck
Session 877the pain has persisted
Session 883migraine: I don't have to align with my heritage
Session 893ringing in the ears
Session 910incorporate more flexibility in relation to your beliefs
Session 913pain in my feet: difficulty in beginning steps
Session 915Alzheimer is an expression of transition within physical focus
Session 919allergy
Session 926hurting toe/slowing movement
Session 933liver disease
Session 953hurting foot - allowing himself to be genuinely not concerning himself
Session 954epilepsy
Session 966automatic associations concerning past experiences
Session 971dis-ease: a focal point for you to turn your attention to you
Session 983back surgery
Session 997stomach: associated with emotional communications