Session 1727

“Other-Dimensional Phenomenon”

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Paneus)

(Elias’ arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Hi, Elias, how are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

PAUL: You know those answers! (Elias laughs) I had a series of dreams last night, and even though I don’t remember any scenes, for some reason the name “Theseus,” the Greek hero, came up. Do I have a focus as that Greek hero?


PAUL: How come I don’t remember any of the scenes, I just got the name?

ELIAS: You may investigate.

PAUL: I’ll do that. What is the source and meaning of the green fireball that occurred in the sky out west of Oregon and Washington over the weekend?

ELIAS: An anomaly, a temporary bleed-through associated with another dimension.

PAUL: Did the other-dimensional individuals cause it on purpose?

ELIAS: It is a natural phenomenon within the other dimension. You collectively, in thinning these veils of separation associated with your physical dimension, are allowing what may be termed as ripples within your dimension, in which other elements of other realities may at times bleed through.

PAUL: That reminds me of another question, where I was sitting on my family room couch, either reading the newspaper or watching TV, and I saw out of the corner of my eye a colored object. I noticed it there, and when I blinked, it disappeared. When I caught it again, it wasn’t as clear as before and when I blinked again, it was gone. What was that colored object?

ELIAS: That is a similar experience. In this, these types of experiences may be occurring more frequently with individuals as you continue to move within this shift and widen your awareness, and in that, you thin those veils of separation. Therefore, your space arrangement is not as closed, so to speak, as it has been previously. As I have expressed, all physical realities occupy the same space arrangement, but you separate different realities through perception in association with your beliefs.

PAUL: What was the object that I was seeing?

ELIAS: It was not an object. That was your translation of it, but in the reality that it belongs, it would be more closely associated within your reality to a cloud.

PAUL: That’s kind of interesting. Scientists say that when they listen to the radio frequency of lightening strikes, they cause what they term as whistlers, a type of electromagnetic wave, and those waves are related to those caused by auroras. Are these whistler waves caused by lightening strikes also a communication other dimensionally, or are they something else?

ELIAS: They would be quite similar to that which you view as auroras.

PAUL: Are they then a communication from another dimension?

ELIAS: Of a type, yes, but not necessarily involving a message.

PAUL: You’ve got me confused. It’s a communication, but not carrying a message?


PAUL: I’ll have to get back to that. What is the nature of the red and blue burst of light that occurs many miles above the top of lightening storms?

ELIAS: That is associated with your energy.

PAUL: Mine?!

ELIAS: Collectively.

PAUL: Why do we manifest them in brief little displays of lights, colored lights, blue and red lights above the top of lightening storms that are only seen by high-flying pilots?

ELIAS: For this is the movement of energy that generates the power associated with the storms.

PAUL: What are the earliest and latest appearances of my focuses in this dimension, simultaneous time not withstanding?

ELIAS: Within linear time?

PAUL: Yes.

ELIAS: That which you would term to be earliest would be 6000 BC, approximately. That which you would term to be latest would be 26th century.

PAUL: So my final focus is in the... Oh, final focuses don’t have to be the last one, linearly speaking.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: If auroras are communications from other dimensions, why are Jupiter’s auroras so far away? Are they still a communication carrying a message from other dimensions to us, or are they something else?

ELIAS: As I have expressed, they are not actually expressing a message. They are merely communications that are being expressed in association with other-dimensional exploration.

PAUL: In regard to auroras, scientists say the sun’s solar flares and massive explosions off the surface of the sun are the primary and sole cause for auroras, but I understand that these auroras are explorations by other dimensions. How does that work into it? What role do they play, the solar flares and whatnot?

ELIAS: It does not. That is associated with your reality. That is not associated with other-dimensional expressions.

PAUL: So they’re not involved with the auroras at all?


PAUL: Is Zor, Z-O-R, the name of my male fairy focus that Mark/Baruch saw in a group meditation?


PAUL: Cool! A while back, I was vacuuming the basement, my daughter was down there playing on the computer, we had the laundry machine on, and the vacuum tripped the fuse, blew a fuse three times in a row. What was the abstract imagery message?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: (Laughs) That I was forcing my energy and overdoing it!

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, and generating work and not allowing playfulness.

PAUL: Is the name of my other-dimensional scientist involved with the auroras, is his name Voltaris or Voldtares?


PAUL: Is it spelled V-O-L-D-T-A-R-E-S?

ELIAS: Yes. One word.

PAUL: I’m struggling with a major event that occurred I’m assuming with the truth wave, because it bounced recognition of some of my beliefs on fairness, wanting to be understood and a few other beliefs. There was an event at the pool over at the fitness center, a lifeguard and a supervisor there. What can you tell me about that event? I suffered a lot of automatic responses and running through my beliefs. I’m trying to understand why I presented that event to myself.

ELIAS: Explain.

PAUL: I found an individual over there whose name was Echo, and she shared an interest in science and the Elias material. I was talking to her, and in theory, the two directors of the facility complained that I was distracting her from her job as lifeguard. In fact, they even thought that it was beyond that, that I was trying to hit on her, if you will, or track her down, when in fact I was just interested in talking with her. They confronted me in a very brusque fashion and complained to me about that. That’s the short version. I’m trying to understand why I presented that to myself.

ELIAS: And what was your response?

PAUL: Initially, it was almost to ignore them, and then later on to somewhat acknowledge their request. After that, I was frustrated by the fact that they did not understand that I was just interested in chatting with this individual and they thought I was some type of evil person, if you will, when in reality I was talking science and Elias material with that individual. I was frustrated that they did not understand me, and they made a bigger stink out of it than it should have been, in my opinion.

ELIAS: Which is your perception. But this is a presentment of difference and also an opportunity for you to be evaluating and perhaps examining your own truths and the absoluteness of them.

PAUL: I have been! I reviewed at least three or four of my truths or beliefs that I hold strongly, and I recognized them intellectually as strong beliefs. I still express them to an extent. I haven’t moved past choosing a different belief, but I intellectually understand that those are beliefs that are very strong that I have.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but in this, as I have expressed, this wave addressing to truths is being expressed in experience, not intellectually. Therefore, you shall present yourself with experiences that shall emphasize the absoluteness of your perception in different expressions and situations, and you shall continue to present yourself with experiences that shall demonstrate and emphasize experientially your absolutes. Once you generate experiences of some of your truths and actually genuinely incorporate an understanding of what you have experienced, you shall thusly move more easily in the recognition of them and the recognition of difference, and that shall dissipate.

PAUL: Intellectually, I’m most of the way there because I can usually break it down after the event, saying here is what I believe occurred, here is the nature of it, here are some of the beliefs entwined with it.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but the experience is what is most significant in association with truths. For without the actual experience of a truth, it remains intellectual and concept and not reality.

PAUL: But we can still break it down...

ELIAS: Yes, you are understanding intellectually, which most individuals understand to some extent intellectually and can identify different beliefs, but many have not yet actually experienced their truths. This is the reason that I expressed in our previous group interaction that this wave addressing to truths is continuing and is not dissipating but rather accelerating and becoming more intense.

PAUL: The way for me to handle this is to keep trying to understand and look into the nature of the truths as the event occurs.

ELIAS: Yes, and to be aware of what you perceive to be absolutes in association with your experiences, and in that, also recognizing your automatic responses to difference.

PAUL: I can do that, I think. Tell me about the night of my birthday. I had a dream, and it appeared to be a gift from either my scientist from another dimension or a future focus. It was something about an electromagnetic device that had two large metal balls that were rotated or polarized by use of a magnetic field. The device allowed something — and I didn’t finish writing this in my dream journal. I don’t know what that something is. What did that device do? Were they giving me some indication of how to build the device?

ELIAS: No. This has incorporated energy from a future focus, but it is also your translation of what was being offered. You translated that energy into the creation of a device, but it was not actually concerning a physical device, so to speak, but more so in association with energy and the manner in which you manipulate it — how you can manipulate energy in a manner in which it generates polarization, but you also incorporate the ability to manipulate energy in a manner that can dissipate that polarization and generate balance, but also emphasizing the strength of polarized energies.

PAUL: What was up with this communication I had in one of my dreams about something that looked like a bat or something like a bat or a tiny dragon? It was half submerged in a pool of water, and I thought it was inanimate, like a doll, until I poked it and realized it was alive. It was having a nonverbal conversation with me, that I was viewing a translation of its energy, it was configured by my consciousness, and it was closest to translating its energy, but it’s still something that’s in my dimension.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This is imagery that you have presented to yourself concerning imagination and the reality of imagination. For whatever you may construct through imagination is known within consciousness, therefore is real and may be inserted into your reality. Manifestations that do not necessarily belong to your physical reality may be created in your physical reality, such as your tiny dragon.

PAUL: Cool! I meditated once and I saw a spot of light going over a section of writing thus illuminating the words, and scrolled through the words, illuminating the words a section at a time. What was the communication or message associated with that vision?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: Reality is much broader than what we view. We center our attention on just one element at a time or one piece at a time, but reality is much broader than that.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: That was pretty easy!

ELIAS: Congratulations!

PAUL: Thanks! Let’s see here. I had a nightmare, one of the few times I’ve had a nightmare dream, where what appeared to be this individual I knew — not in real life but in the dream — who I viewed as a friend there, someone I was friendly with, even though he kept human form, he became a monster, like a British monster, where he would eat other individuals. Eventually, as he was over time eating more and more of the population, we worried if we would be safe ourselves. There was a scene of me trying to get over this electrified fence, thinking I would be safe there. What was going on there?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAUL: (Laughs) I don’t know! One thing I recognized from the dream was that I can’t be harmed, and that was hard to accept that initially.

ELIAS: Correct, partially. Also it is imagery concerning the automatic response of fear or discomfort in association with power.

PAUL: Power as symbolized by the monster, or power that I had in the dream?

ELIAS: Both. Power being expressed and the automatic response to expressed power, that it is potentially dangerous.

PAUL: I got ya. I’m not sure how to phrase this question, so I’ll just say it. Will I have more success writing my book, “Man From Over the Rainbow,” if I depict it as something dealing with my present life, a fictional story but dealing with my life and the pursuit of this other-dimensional environment, or should I do it as a standard story structure not dealing with my life necessarily but a fictional character, or as a technical type discussion on the other dimension?

ELIAS: Combine your first two avenues.

PAUL: Sort of like dealing with some of the aspects of my present life but make it more of a fictional account?

ELIAS: Yes, intermingle the two and allow for the expression of imagination.

PAUL: I can do that. (Elias chuckles) Why haven’t I chosen to get any of my books accepted to be developed into a film or some other of the books to be published?

ELIAS: You continue to incorporate some issue in association with success in certain extents. There is an association that certain capacities of success incorporate more potential to be disruptive of family and relationships in generating a distraction, and therefore disrupting what you perceive to be a delicate situation already.

PAUL: You mean with my daughter?


PAUL: I don’t see that as a delicate situation. At least, I’m not picking up on that yet. That’s funny.

I’ve got time for one or two quick questions here. Do I have an observing essence focus of President Roosevelt?


PAUL: Is it FDR or Teddy Roosevelt?

ELIAS: Theodore.

PAUL: That’s interesting. I kept getting Roosevelt, but I couldn’t pick up which one it was.

What would you like to tell me in closing? Is there any advice you’d like to offer that I haven’t noticed or focused adequately on?

ELIAS: Pay attention to differences.

PAUL: Between other individuals?

ELIAS: And yourself.

PAUL: And accept those differences.

ELIAS: Pay attention and notice your automatic responses.

PAUL: I know you don’t do predictions, but is there a strong likelihood that I will be seeing you in Chicago for the next group session?

ELIAS: It is what you would term to be a considerable potential.

PAUL: Okay! Elias, I see that our time is up, so I want to again express my great appreciation for our time. Any time you want to pop in during the day or in my dreams, go right ahead.

ELIAS: Very well! I shall. And I express my appreciation of yourself also. I express to you great affection, my friend, and an anticipation of our next meeting.

PAUL: That sounds good, Elias. Have a great day.

ELIAS: And I shall offer you energy to be reminding you of playfulness.

PAUL: (Laughs with Elias) I’ll take you up on that!

ELIAS: Very well! To you in fondness, my friend, au revoir.

PAUL: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 35 minutes.