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SpiritualitySplinterSpontaneityStone circlesStrange feelings
SuicideSumafiSumariSupportivenessSweala and Grelko
Session 105language
Session 1058awareness of the subjective and the objective movement simultaneously
Session 1080the objective and subjective are not creating different directions
Session 1100your subjective awareness is always on
Session 1133what is expressed subjectively is not hidden from the objective awaren
Session 1252the difference between objective and subjective consciousness
Session 1274an exploration of the subjective awareness and its movement
Session 1280the subject is specific and it is merely one subject
Session 1285becoming more objectively aware of my subjective awareness
Session 1290attention is equally distributed between the objective and the subject
Session 1290Subjective: emotion, communication. Objective: sexuality, physical ma
Session 1298your subjective awareness is you
Session 133be watchful of your subjective interaction
Session 1419it is unnecessary to communicate to your subjective awareness
Session 1450what’s happening subjectively?
Session 1476allowing yourself more of an awareness of the subjective action
Session 1496separating the objective and the subjective as two entities
Session 1498thought, conscious mind and subjective and objective awareness
Session 1525landscape exercise - a communication to the subjective
Session 1528the subjective expresses in subject matters or themes
Session 1582understanding of who I am interacting with on a subjective level
Session 170subconsciousness
Session 237awareness within dreams
Session 311and objective/in between
Session 397objective imagery of subjective movement
Session 411subjective movement may display itself as trauma
Session 488subjective interaction in sessions
Session 493dream mission
Session 500subjective action
Session 670does not hold more information
Session 686subjective - objective actions
Session 754offers direction to energy centers
Session 755your subjective awareness engages beliefs as does your objective aware
Session 856this is the efficiency of essence and of consciousness
Session 875listening to Elias' subjective interaction
Session 92consciousness or self
Session 962subjective communication to your objective awareness