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SpiritualitySplinterSpontaneityStone circlesStrange feelings
SuicideSumafiSumariSupportivenessSweala and Grelko
Session 1073merely your BELIEFS generate ANY affectingness
Session 1114this substance ALLOWS me to express myself
Session 1209psychedelics
Session 1255you may also generate the experience of quite little affectingness
Session 1280there’s more to marijuana than relaxation
Session 1307What about my smoking?
Session 1381your identification of the dis-ease of alcoholism is in itself a belief
Session 1515shall you create a reality in association with your preferences?
Session 1558your method matters not
Session 1571substance abuse and shielding
Session 1581an exploration of yourself in a clearer awareness of yourself
Session 1605influences of the belief of smoking
Session 1781this substance allows you to hold your attention outside of yourself
Session 1800cigarettes cause lung cancer, and I smoke
Session 1810ayahuasca
Session 187addiction: carots
Session 276a good bottle of wine
Session 2839desperately protecting independence
Session 3008colloidial silver
Session 326alcohol
Session 346marijuana
Session 454Mushrooms: motivated by beliefs
Session 523smoking
Session 586Prozac
Session 667cannabis
Session 676aroma therapy
Session 681smoking
Session 684addiction - he really needs help
Session 691addiction