Session 1339

“Changing Which Beliefs Are Expressed”
“False Awakenings”

Saturday, May 10, 2003 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Luana (Ring)

Elias arrives at 12:14 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LUANA: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And how shall we proceed?

LUANA: As usual, I have a full list here. I started off with nothing to ask you, and here I am with nine pages worth of questions! (Elias laughs) Quite amazing.

I wanted to run by you first about interruptions on both of our parts, that it’s okay with me if you interrupt me and I presume it’s okay if I interrupt you sometimes. Is that all right with both of us?


LUANA: Cool. The first thing I wanted to talk about is beliefs and belief systems. I’ve been reading a lot of cultural anthropology and thinking a lot about beliefs for the last couple of weeks. I have a number of questions around these, different types of questions with different concerns, so I thought I’d run by some of these.

This is not about acceptance of beliefs or belief systems, as it is about creating and adopting belief systems. One of the things that I was concerned with was when I looked up the definition of a belief, I felt within myself also that beliefs imply that there is like a conviction or a certitude or a trust already in the belief that you have. It’s not something that you make up or you adopt in a way; it’s like something that’s inside. You don’t even question what a belief is.

So when I started thinking about adopting a belief, I ran into the chicken and egg question about which came first. If the use of the word, the definition of the word implies that there’s already a certitude there that you don’t really believe in that belief yet, how can you then adopt that belief and call it a belief if you don’t have a certitude there? So the definition of belief is a state of mind or a habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in a person or thing, but before you’ve actually accomplished the thing or used this belief to do what you want to, you don’t have that trust or certitude there.

So I thought I would check with you to see about, number one, who or what or where beliefs come from. You indicated that beliefs are inserted into our system. I didn’t know whether they’re already set in our system and we don’t make anymore, or do we make beliefs? And also, how does one go about changing or adopting or bringing a belief into oneself when one doesn’t already believe that?

ELIAS: Very well. First, let me clarify. In this, beliefs have been inserted into this reality in conjunction with the design of the blueprint of this reality. Therefore, they have been expressed from the onset of this reality, or what you may term to be set in place, so to speak. Secondly, every individual within your physical reality incorporates every belief system and all the beliefs that are incorporated within each belief system.

Now; there is a distinction between all of the beliefs and expressed beliefs. Each individual within your reality incorporates some beliefs that are expressed.

Now; in this, those that are expressed are influencing of the perception. Those that are not expressed exist and are incorporated within each individual, but may be viewed in more so of a latent capacity — but they are available to you. Therefore, it is not a question of adopting a belief, for you already incorporate them all. It is a matter of changing, if you wish, which beliefs are expressed.

LUANA: When you say that to me, it sounds as if all the beliefs are already inserted.


LUANA: There are no new beliefs that we make that become part of our physical reality? The beliefs are already in place.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; you may generate a new expression of those beliefs, but you are not creating a new belief.

LUANA: I understand. I can understand about accepting it and bringing up and expressing it, but to me some beliefs are kind of like givens — the belief in gravity or the sun’s going to come up or whatever. But other beliefs, for instance if I would be ill and I would want to believe in Western medicine that radiation therapy is going to get rid of all of my cancer — but I really don’t believe that. Or let’s say it’s an accident. I’m in an automobile accident and there I am laying in the bed and they’re going to provide me with some service that I don’t really believe in, but now I need to adopt that belief in order for it to be efficacious. How do I go about doing that if I don’t really believe in that?

ELIAS: First of all, this is what you may term to be the challenging and the tricky area. For as I have stated, you already incorporate all of the beliefs. Therefore, there is no expression that you do not believe in some action; it IS incorporated. It is a matter of which beliefs are expressed.

Now; some beliefs you may disagree with objectively, but this is not to say that they are not expressed.

LUANA: They certainly are expressed, at least by other people if not by me.

ELIAS: We are not concerning ourselves with other individuals, but merely yourself.

Now; in this, this is the reason that I continue to express the significance and the tremendous importance in the action of individuals examining and familiarizing themselves with their beliefs and with their preferences, which are merely beliefs that are preferred.

Now; in this, as you genuinely become familiar with your expressed beliefs, you begin to recognize that they are expressed beliefs regardless of whether you actually agree with them or not.

Now; there are beliefs that are preferred which you do agree with. But you may also incorporate expressed beliefs that you may not necessarily agree with. This is how you arrive at the idea that you do not believe in a certain expression — which is not necessarily accurate.

Now; how you accomplish what you are seeking, which is to incorporate a different expressed belief, is to allow yourself to recognize what your expressed beliefs are presently and to evaluate whether you actually incorporate an expressed belief and disagree with it or whether you actually are not incorporating a particular belief as an expressed belief.

As in your example, perhaps you incorporate some injury within a collision from your vehicle and you are set in hospital. You are expressing within your thoughts the association that you do not believe in the incorporation of the methods of your Western medical procedures. This is not necessarily the case. You MAY incorporate an expressed belief that your physicians do incorporate the ability to be affecting of your physical state, you may also incorporate the expressed belief that they shall be able to fix whatever you perceive to be broken or affected within your physical expression, but you may also, in that scenario, not necessarily agree with their methods.

Now; this is significant. For regardless of whether you agree objectively with those methods, what is significant is that you express the belief that they do incorporate the ability to affect your expression in a positive manner or in a healing manner. What becomes the snare in a scenario such as this is that the individual continues to move in choices in association with what they think, which may be the disagreement of the methods that are incorporated by the physicians. This creates conflict, for the belief continues to be expressed. What the individual is generating is a struggle and fighting within their own energy against themselves.

LUANA: So mainly what’s to be paid attention to is the thoughts that are around the action that’s being taken. If you’re in conflict with it, you would then examine what your belief systems were around that and maybe reassure yourself that no matter whether you believe it or not, it is a belief system with a doctor and you can accept that and trust that it will be effective because the doctor believes in it and you can also, if you choose to do so.

ELIAS: Or rather, recognize what your expressed belief is by paying attention to what you are actually creating. This is your indicator. You allow yourselves the opportunity to recognize a belief by paying attention to what you do and by listening to your communications that you offer to yourself, not...

LUANA: I understand. I want to veer this just a little bit away, because where this was actually revolving around is not with another person. I have started to work with things like a reconfiguration of energy, which is not, as you’ve put it, a belief that’s expressed, even though it may be a belief in the background.

One of the things I do in the morning is I have a pendulum that hangs down from the ceiling, and for the last couple of weeks as I lay in bed after I wake up, I have been using the different parameters of belief systems and choices in trying to move that pendulum according to paying attention to my beliefs. I’ve written out something here, so I want to read it to you because it will make it faster for me.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: Two questions next, in regard to beliefs and probabilities. First, you have said a number of times that probabilities are generated in the now when a choice is made. If I choose to believe that I am able to move a pendulum hanging over my head, what I am actually creating by choosing to believe I can do that is not a belief but a probability. I can tap into the results of my choice to believe in that, to perceive the probability that I am generating, by shifting my attention to that probability. I would guess this is the sideward movement of attention in the now to that probability that swings the pendulum. Am I close to understanding the mechanism for moving the pendulum hanging overhead?

Second, when you said to concentrate on the belief — not trying to move the object with thoughts or mind or trying to exert or watch what is happening and so forth — what I am to be concentrating on, then, is my choice to believe in this probability to do it, which is also being created right at that moment, along with a trust in this action so it is possible. I want to know, is that right?

I also want to know if you are accomplishing this ability to move the pendulum or to manifest an orange in your hand or whatever it is that you’re doing in reconfiguring energies, and another person is looking at you doing it but even if you are doing it they can’t see it, or if they don’t believe it or other people don’t believe it, will it not happen for them even if it does happen for me?

ELIAS: As to this last question, yes, this is quite possible. Not merely possible, but it does occur in actuality many times, in which you may create one expression within your reality and it shall be quite real, and this is not to say that another individual within the same space arrangement and the same time framework may be creating the same action. They may be creating a different action. It is associated with your beliefs and what you allow within your beliefs.

LUANA: So I may see it but they may not?

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; I may also express to you, generally speaking, you interact with and draw to yourself other individuals that shall be creating similar expressions to your own. Therefore, in that scenario, it is quite likely that the other individuals would be creating the same action and viewing the pendulum swinging also. But it is possible for the other individuals to create a different outcome.

LUANA: I’m not able to do this yet even though... I’m not trying real hard but I’m trusting in the situation and I’m sort of concentrating on my belief that this is a possibility to do this and so on. Can you tell why I am still limited in this way, for me personally?

ELIAS: This is a matter of expressed beliefs and is associated with your initial question of how to be incorporating unexpressed beliefs as expressed beliefs and tapping into the availability of all of these other beliefs that you are not expressing.

Now; as I have stated, first of all it is significant to be recognizing what the expressed belief is. For the expressed belief is the belief that is influencing what you are creating, for it is influencing your perception and that creates the reality of what occurs. In examination of the expressed belief, you thusly acknowledge that and recognize genuinely — not in theory, not in concept and not merely in thought — but within yourself you recognize genuinely that this is a belief. You identify it, you acknowledge it, you know that it is not being removed and that it is continuing to exist within your reality, but that you also incorporate choice, for it is not an absolute and it is not a truth.

Once you genuinely recognize that, it is not even a matter of a method, my friend. You automatically allow yourself an openness in which, through that recognition, you generate an awareness of other choices. In that awareness of other choices, what you have automatically created is an opening to be generating other beliefs as expressed beliefs creating different outcomes, which also is a shift in perception. For each time you generate the action of the acceptance of a belief — which this is what this process was involving — you shift your attention to an unexpressed belief and allow yourself to generate that as an expressed belief, which alters your perception and therefore alters your reality.

LUANA: Very good. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. The point in all of this action — as I have been stating from the onset of this forum, as you are aware — is not to be eliminating beliefs, for this is not what you shall be creating in this particular reality, if you choose to continue, but to recognize your freedom in recognizing ALL of the beliefs that ARE available to you.

LUANA: And that they are accessible?

ELIAS: Correct, for they are not your enemy. They are expressions within this reality that allow you to generate creating.

LUANA: Whatever you want.

ELIAS: Correct!

LUANA: I do understand that. Thank you. I appreciate a lot of that. That clarifies many things for me.

ELIAS: Now; in association with yourself and the pendulum, as you allow yourself to examine your expressed beliefs, you may discover that you incorporate a skepticism in association with moving objects merely in conjunction with energy. You also confuse yourself in association with the belief that concentration is seated in thought, which it is not. There is also another expressed belief that creating your reality or creating any action within your reality is preceded by thought — “I think, therefore I shall create” — which is also incorrect. But this is an expressed belief, and therefore it is quite real.

LUANA: And it’s limiting, too.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; once you allow yourself to redefine and genuinely recognize that thought is a translating mechanism and that is its function, no other...

LUANA: I understand that, Elias. I’m going to interrupt you here, because going on from that point, I read that and really understand that. There’s so many other questions I have to ask you, I think I want to drop that off now because I do have a grasp of that and I think you’ve covered that pretty well with Michael at other times.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: Thank you. Another thing I want to talk about is what you claim is not a belief system but is a truth, and this is working with crystals. I still don’t have an understanding. I do understand that crystals are kind of exaggerated the way we use them, but they do offer a focal point. They don’t create energy, but they can direct energy and hold energy and be used as mirroring devices and all that. But I’m interested in particular in using it as a transmitting device, if that is possible and not just a belief system.

What I want to know is, first of all, if a crystal takes up energy, can it take up energy in the form of verbalization into the crystal, and then can the verbal or the feeling or the message be transmitted to other people by either contact with the crystal or the crystal does it automatically? Am I way off base here, that a crystal can be used for taking up something that you read or talk into the crystal and transmitting it to others? Am I way off base with it being able to do this, or is this a property of crystals?

ELIAS: First of all, let me clarify. I have not expressed that the manifestation of crystals is a truth but that the function that they incorporate is, for that is a function of energy. The function of these manifestations is what may be identified as a conduit, and the action of energy in association with them is a truth — not the crystal itself.

LUANA: Yes, I understand that.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; yes, you may be incorporating the use of crystals as a conduit to project energy to and also from.

Now; you may configure that energy in whatever manner you wish. But I may also express to you that the use of this manifestation is as a focal point.

Now; in conjunction with other individuals, if they are choosing to participate, yes, you may incorporate offering a communication through the energy configuration of the crystal and, in your terms, sending the message and also incorporate the reception of the message.

Now; as I express to you the identification of other individuals choosing to participate, this is not to say that the other individual must be objectively in agreement and aware of what you are projecting, but that they incorporate an openness to receive. Are you understanding?

LUANA: I am. Let’s take a specific example, if we can. You are familiar with Jane Roberts’ Codicils?


LUANA: I have rewritten or revised those a bit to make them more understandable to me and to other people. She talks in her writing as if they are inserted into part of what’s going to be the outcome of the Shift, these awarenesses that are coming along, for instance, the awareness of who we really are in the much broader sense. I thought if I took those Codicils and talked or read them into the crystal, since everybody has agreed to this shift and is moving along step by step in this shift, it would then be an enhancement for people to have an awareness of these things so the trauma and confusion wouldn’t be so traumatic. Is that a possibility? Are they open to that? Even though they may not be using the crystal as a focal point, would this still have an ability to do that?

After I thought about doing this, I thought maybe I shouldn’t mess around with that because this is something I want for myself. I’m aware of the Shift, and I want the awarenesses and the Codicils to be part of my awareness. But maybe I have no right or reason to have other people being affected by this, or maybe they don’t choose to do that altogether. So I’m a little bit confused about whether or not to proceed with even trying to use the crystal to do this.

ELIAS: You may incorporate that action if you are so choosing, and those individuals that choose to be open and receptive shall be.

But be aware, the reason that you incorporated this confusion is that you are also attempting to offer yourself a communication with respect to expectations. In this, if you are choosing to incorporate that action for it is a preference that you incorporate and you choose to share that action with other individuals that choose to be receptive to it, incorporate the action — but be aware not to be incorporating an expectation, for not all individuals choose to be offering themselves information in the same manner.

Therefore, although every individual within your reality is in agreement to be participating in this shift in consciousness, or they shall disengage and not continue within this action, each individual also incorporates choice and free will. Therefore, it is their choice of how they shall be incorporating the action of this shift. Let me also express to you, as confusing as it may appear to many of you, there are some individuals within your reality that choose to be incorporating trauma.

LUANA: They would choose to do that?

ELIAS: Yes. In your terms, it is not a universal expression that all individuals within your physical dimension are choosing to avoid trauma in association with this shift.

LUANA: They may have their own reasons.

ELIAS: Correct, and it may be associated with their intent. Not all individuals incorporate an intent within this reality to express happiness or peace. Therefore, it is their choice in how they shall be generating their movement in association with this shift.

LUANA: I want to sidetrack just a minute since you’re talking about the shift. Quite a few of the people that I talk to, particularly the women, are aware of the changes that are happening. We talk quite frequently now about — I don’t know what to call them — interruptions of energy. I said to one of my friends that I’ll ask Elias about it and where we’re at in the Shift right now.

It seems to us that what’s happening is there’s a lot of discontinuation of things, of groups, of projects, of focuses, of aims or goals or intents or whatever, that we are seeing magic or contact with the inner world or inner self, and that what we have been heading for down the line and taking on of what we wanted to do, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of energy around that now. It seems like there’s a disruption of energies or intentions of what we want to do. A lot of times it’s not there. Once in a while it will come back in for an hour or two, and then it seems to dissipate again.

Most of the people I know have decided to just relax into it because we figure that’s part of the shift that’s happening. There’s a change of direction as this widening is happening, and trying to hold on to the old way is not going to work anymore. So we may as well relax into it and instead of being focused on a project or something we want to accomplish or whatever, to let go of that now and just ride with these energy waves that seem to be coming and going. Is this a correct assessment of what’s happening in the shift right now?

ELIAS: Yes, for you are shifting from what is familiar to what is unfamiliar and generating the unfamiliar as becoming familiar. In this, you are also moving more into the expression of self and self-direction.

LUANA: Is this across the board? Because we not only notice this within our personal life, we are also noticing it within our cultures and governments and our economic systems and our philosophies and our politics. It seems like there is a great dissipation across a broad sweep that is also a reflection of this change. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

LUANA: Good. I want to get off into something a little bit more personal now, if I can.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: I’ve had three very interesting dream events or sleep events this last week that I would like to run by you and then maybe ask you a few questions about them.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: The first one is a very strange set of circumstances. I’ve had false awakenings. Do you know what false awakenings are?

ELIAS: What is your definition of this?

LUANA: False awakenings are you’re still asleep, you think that you’ve woken up and you’re in objective consciousness, and that you’ve gotten out of bed, made some tea or gone to the bathroom or written your dream down or whatever, only to find out when you really wake up that you have only been thinking you’re awake, that you have not really awakened.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: There’s some twist on this particular one though, because while I am still asleep but I am thinking that I am awake, I’m aware of things like I’m snoring. At the same time that I’m aware that I’m asleep and I’m awake, I’m also trying to recall my dreams, thinking that when I wake up I will then be able to write down the dreams. I’m also at the same time kind of trying to figure out what’s behind the dream in order to see it before it changes into symbols and imagery.

So all of this is going on. I have this false awakening, I’m asleep yet aware that I’m asleep because I can hear myself snoring. At the same time I’m seeing dream images while trying to see behind and before the dream images, and I also think at the same time that I’m awake and conscious trying to recall the dream events so that I can write them down. But I’m truly not awake, so my objective awareness is not really there. It’s kind of a different part of consciousness, which I think is my objective awareness at the time but it really isn’t my waking objective awareness. That’s the first set of events. It’s like having different awarenesses available at the same time.

ELIAS: Correct, for I may clarify to you, in actuality this IS your objective awareness being incorporated much more clearly and fully within your sleep state. Therefore, what you are accomplishing is an incorporation of both objective and subjective awarenesses and not focusing your attention more to one than the other.

LUANA: So even though it seems like it’s my objective awareness, it’s different than that.

ELIAS: No, it IS your objective awareness. It is merely being expressed in a different manner than you are accustomed to. You are allowing yourself to move your attention to incorporate the objective awareness within the time framework in which you are accustomed to focusing your attention basically with the subjective awareness.

LUANA: I presume where this is moving to in the shift of consciousness is that not only will this happen in the sleep state, it will also happen kind of in reverse in the awake state.

ELIAS: Correct, which is blurring that line of separation.

LUANA: Here’s the last dream I had, I think, two days ago, which I think reflects the same thing. I won’t go through the whole dream because it’s way too long, but it has to do with finding dog food, of all things — which I thought maybe that’s god food and not dog food spelled backwards. But in the end of this dream, I am now out on a street. In the process of walking down the street, I’m looking up in the air and I am seeing the sky absolutely divided on a diagonal between one half being totally clear and the other half having clouds on it. The line between one side and the other is directly overhead. I thought to myself after I had that dream that it is an indication of where I’m at right now, because it seems to me like the two awarenesses, the subjective and objective awarenesses, are coming closer.

What I wanted to ask you is in the dream I was gathering this dog food for some sort of a ritual I was supposed to perform — and I do rituals all the time — and I lost that part of recall. When I woke up in the morning I didn’t remember what the ritual was, and I thought that perhaps maybe Elias could help me with this. Can you think of any furtherance that I can do to help me with this widening of awareness and lessening of the limitations I have?

ELIAS: Your imagery, as you are aware, is symbolic. In this, you are presenting to yourself symbology in association with ritual to incorporate the mergence, so to speak, of these two expressions.

The imagery of the dog food is merely an expression of symbology to be incorporating some focal point which is familiar to you, therefore which shall be trusted. The imagery of the clouds and the clear sky obviously is symbology that you are presenting to yourself in relation to the objective and the subjective awareness and generating a movement in association with your choice of rituals, which provides you with a focal point to direct your energy, which is quite acceptable, and allowing yourself to not generate that definition of separation between these two awarenesses, which you are in some manners already accomplishing in allowing yourself to be generating the action that you are generating within dream state.

Now; the significance of the sky is your symbology to yourself to move that action into the objective waking incorporation also. You have already begun within your dream state. Therefore, you present to yourself a familiar object, dog food, as your symbology of incorporating your focal point that you shall trust and that is incorporated within waking action.

LUANA: In the middle dream, between the first one with the false awakening and the last one with the diagonal sky that’s divided, one event happened that was extremely intense to me. I’ve experienced these before, but this one was more intense than any others. What happens to me is at the end of a dream I am aware that I’m going to be having an orgasm and that the orgasm is going to take place physically in my body. It’s not just a dream; this is an actual physical event that happens.

In this particular one, as I’m still asleep I am aware that at the end of the dream this action is going to start taking place. It starts in the dream state, but as the orgasm progresses throughout my whole body, I begin to wake up, so when the thing is exploding in me I am fully awake. This one was so intense it was actually painful.

I thought about that for quite some time and it came to me that actually what that may be representative of is that it is the union between the subjective and the objective. It’s like a mergence between the two, and what happens is there is this explosion that happens when this union takes place. Is this close to maybe why this is happening to me?

ELIAS: Actually, what you have presented to yourself in this imagery is not an expression of what occurs within the union of these two awarenesses, but rather an actual experience that these two awarenesses are already united and in harmony and that what is occurring in one is also occurring in the other. You have provided yourself with an experience of power to emphasize to yourself this point of the harmony of these two awarenesses and that they are not moving in different expressions in any moment.

LUANA: Very interesting.

On to another thing — creativity. You mentioned a number of different things that are the outcome of this shift, particularly dealing with the expansion of our awareness of who we are, but also there is to be expected a great expansion of creativity. You said that we’re kind of barely tapping into our creative abilities compared to where it may be after the shift.

I want to ask, number one, if you would elaborate a bit on what you meant about this great explosion of creativity in general. Also, in regards to myself, can you foresee, knowing my energies, what would be... I don’t want to ask you what my choice should be. In what direction would you suggest would be best for me to move into creatively in order to aid this process of the Shift and widening of awareness that’s happening?

ELIAS: Pay more attention more clearly to your communication of imagination.

LUANA: Is imagination one of the great areas that all of humanity is going to also move towards?

ELIAS: In the recognition that it is not fantasy but that it is an actual avenue of communication, and therefore what it is communicating to you, you also incorporate the ability to create. Imagination also, in its form of communication to you, offers you a window, a quite clear window to other realities in which you may inspire yourselves to be creating your version, so to speak, of expressions in other realities within your physical reality.

LUANA: So there’s like an interaction that’s available?

ELIAS: Quite. In this, let me express to you, if you are incorporating this action that we have discussed in this conversation of recognizing your beliefs and accepting them and also allowing yourself to tap into the countless, literally countless beliefs that are available to you within your reality, you also generate a tremendous opening of choice and therefore express a tremendous freedom, which is quite affecting of your expressions of creativity, for you are not limiting your abilities or what you may be creating.

LUANA: I presume that other systems have their set of belief systems, too?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the reality and what is expressed within their dimension. Some yes, some no.

LUANA: Are they available to us also?


LUANA: So we’re not just limited to our own beliefs in our own physical reality system?

ELIAS: No — let me clarify. Whatever you tap into within another reality shall be filtered through your beliefs within this reality and shall be filtered through what is known in this reality. But you do incorporate the availability to tap into other realities, and many individuals are already.

LUANA: Doing that?


LUANA: You mention quite frequently in your sessions, in your talks with other people, the word “efficiency.” Is that a personal preference of your own, or do you have a specific reason for emphasizing that?

ELIAS: It is not associated with my preference. It is associated with the expression of energy that those of you who choose to be incorporating this information have expressed to myself. In association with the request to be offering information to be lessening the trauma expressed in this shift, you also request information concerning how you may be expressing directions in an efficient manner that generates less conflict.

LUANA: You’re responding, basically, to our request for efficiency?


LUANA: I’m almost out of time, but I have one question I’ve been wanting to ask you for three different interactions with you now. I don’t know if you can do this or not because you’ve indicated in the past that we have limitations.

I want to know your perception of love that is not expressed strictly in our physical reality. What are the qualities of love as you know it, that is not contingent upon physical reality? In other words, not love as we express it in our physical realm, but love as you know it that’s beyond this physical realm or in the general sense of it in universal terms.

ELIAS: Very well. The expression of love or the definition of love is knowing and appreciation, quite simply.

LUANA: Which is expression of consciousness?


LUANA: Consciousness and awareness are synonymous?

ELIAS: Awareness is an expression of consciousness. I did not say “awareness.” What I expressed was the definition of love is knowing and appreciating.

LUANA: I understand. I think, unfortunately, my time is up. I’ve just barely begun to find all these wonderful answers. Of course, they’re inside me somewhere and eventually I hope to get there and talk to myself like I talk to you! (Elias laughs)

Elias, again, in appreciation, in love with you and all the wonderful pieces of information that you give us to weave together, this knowingness of our life and how things are with us and are with you, is profound and very much appreciated. So thank you again for this wonderful conversation and to Mary, who you go through. I wish you well and welcome in my life and my energy. I feel you around every once in a while so I know you’re here, and I embrace you.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend, and I extend to you also the same. I shall be anticipating our continued interaction and our next meeting. In great lovingness and tremendous affection, my friend, au revoir.

LUANA: Good-bye, Elias.

Elias departs at 1:18 PM.