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DreamDream WalkersDualityDuplicity
Session 1045life and death, in a manner of speaking, are the same
Session 1501a beautiful experience
Session 1557experiencing the reality that death is a choice, that is generated quite easily
Session 1564experiencing an objective realization that death is a choice
Session 1582it is one of your greatest curiosities
Session 1614experimenting with the concept and allowing yourself experiences
Session 1695you may not necessarily incorporate initially an expanded awareness
Session 1705a fear to die
Session 269cremation
Session 3052Death is a difficult experience for almost all of you.
Session 346knowing of your disengagement
Session 460actions of disengagement
Session 466near-death experience
Session 468moving to another country
Session 475suicide
Session 484continuation with challenges
Session 548to croak or not to croak
Session 567spontaneous human combustion
Session 578disengagement
Session 586turning off life support
Session 662exploring disengagement / moving into essence
Session 690funeral
Session 73blocked creativity
Session 821near death experiences
Session 870talking to the dead
Session 895zombies and eternal life
Session 939Do you perceive it to be a loss?
Session 941an energy deposit within your physical dimension
Session 967clarity that exists in an unconscious or coma state