For New Readers
For new readers of the Elias material we recommend to begin with the following sessions:

“Room 106”

“An Introduction and an Overview”

“Strange Times”

“Would you like some cheese with that whine?”

“Explanations and Definitions”
“The Concept of Acceptance”
“Beliefs: Reincarnation”

“Initiating, or Designated Beginning, Focus”
“No Essence Is Intrusive”
“Probable Selves, Alternate Selves”
“Can I Change into a Dog?”

Recent Group Sessions

The State of the World; Pearl Energy and Dragons

October 2023 Group Session: The State of Flow

Control and Trust; Pain and Chronic Pain; Essence in and Out of Time

Want and Desire; Following Feelings; Complements

Magic, Appearance and Skin Health, Expanding Awareness


What Is Your Greatest Challenge?


Flow, Interconnectedness and Cooperation

The Aristocratic Personality

The Aristocratic Personality

Experimenting with Structure

How Can You Help?

Geography, Culture and Different Mass Expressions of the Coronavirus

Choosing to Be Disengaging in Relation to This Mass Event

Self-Awareness and Interconnectedness

Become a Beacon: Challenge Conformity

Regeneration, Part II

The Angst of Broken Rules and Remembering One Word: Importance

Dis-ease in the Science Wave